Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Goodbye Ramadan :(

last night started the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan ...

last week I was in my uncle's house when me and my cousin were dicussing how the last ten days of this Ramadan will be different from the previous one!
because last one it was a cold and rainy weather and we used to go in her little (mini cooper) car to the mosque late at night wearing jackets and feeling cold looking out the wet windows ... it was fun ...
But this year it is still hot weather no one can expect any rain !!!

last night was the surprise ! subhan Allah ... I was in my friend's house, we got out to the 7osh at 11:30pm and it was cloudy! heavy clouds with lightining !!!
today it rained! wow what a nice lovely weather :)

أمس بالمسيد لاحظت إنه المره الكبيرة إلي تصلي يمي مو لابسه دلاقات ومومغطيه ريولها فاستغربت لأنه معروف إنه لازم نغطي ريولنا بالصلاة حتى المتحجبات إلي ما يلبسون دلاقات لما ايون يصلون يغطون ريولهم بثوب الصلاة أو أي شي
المهم آنا قلت حرام الحين أخاف ما تنقبل صلاتها
وقعدت أفكرأقولها ولا ما أقولها
شنو أقولها بالضبط
أخاف تزفني
هالأيام زايدين الشريين وقبل جم يوم محصله زفه
لا خل أقولهاأتحمل كل إلي اييني منها
إي خلاص قررت بتحمل
لحظة شلون أقولها
ترى لازم تغطين ريولج بالصلاة
!ولاما تنقبل صلاتج إذا مو مغطيه ريولج
لا لامااادري:(

طالعتها وانا مبتسمه وابتسمت
وفجأة يت بمخي جملة أقولها
اشفيني ما فكرت فيها من زمان
قلت لها الجملة

واستانست منها وقالت لي إي والله مشكورة
تدرون ببساطة شنو قلت لها

خالتي ترى نسيتي تغطين ريولج

me smart girl hehe


Purgatory said...

awal part, not that interesting, second part was funny, reminded me of Grandmafunk in a way.

I told you many times, besech te7resh belnas, khlee el3alam alone :)

True Faith said...
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True Faith said...

I like it when you care about other people eventough you don't know them. But feelling that you are responsible to tell them an advice even if you wheren't sure that they will accept it from you is a brave thing to do.

Ra-1 said...

Purg I will try ! :p
TrueFaith you're right :)

Q8Sheikh said...

I never knew women had to cover their feet? are you sure its not of those extra khuza3balat that took place in the near past?

Ra-1 said...

Q8Sheikh ... welcome to my blog :)
I was talking about praying time which we have to cover our feet ... not when going out ...