Tuesday, August 31, 2004


When I slept last night, 2 hours later (@ 2 am), my sister intered my room
calling me (wake up, I want to sleep here), she was holding her pillow!

I was half a sleep looking at her (she was laughing!), this means she didnt come due to an insect or a nightmare!

(hello I want to sleep here) ! hehehe !!!
me wondering(what is so funny)(maybe I am dreaming) ...

She sat on my bed and I saw someone standing (somone else!)
he was lughing too !

I looked carefully (what!)(no way)
It was my brother who works abroad !
He is not supposed to be in Kuwait now! yesterday he was telling me that he wants to come for 2 weeks but he didnt mention TONIGHT!

(oh my god, surprises again, it is in his blood!)

last time he came without telling us as usual, the 7osh door was locked, he didnt want to awake us! he jumped the high wall as a thief! nocked on the maid's window, she opened the inside door, he entered and slept, we woke up and (surprise!)

This time the same except the 7osh door was opened!
and one more thing he didnt wait till the morning , he scared us!

I kissed him (ma9addeg, meta yeet?)
then I realized he is real! LOL, so I huged him ...

7:30 am before leaving to work, I went to his room opened the door , looked carefully ... IT IS HIM ! good I was not dreaming ...


I love surprises ... It is in my blood too ...

I might tell u stories about my surprises for others, some other time ...

Monday, August 30, 2004

Colors (HUGE collection)

I am at work now trying to choose 2 colors between more than 400 color !
believe me, and it is a big decision ...

One color for the forms and the other for the textboxes
You dont know what am talking about? ok
A system that all employees will be using daily includes all these forms

And my boss asked me to choose the best colors
why me? (I am a girl :) and the only girl in my department!)

I will be back after I make my desicion
I am still trying colors with colors
hope to find the best soon

P.S. If anyone didnt like it they will blame girls' taste :p

Saturday, August 28, 2004


I need a dog trainer
1 day a week
dog type: GermanShepherd

I f you are a trainer or you know one
plz reply

Thank u :)

Profile Views !

GoodMorning everybody :)

my profile has been viewed 32 times, while it was mixed up!
Just informing you that I added commas, so the details which were missing appeared now


Sunday, August 22, 2004

A killer in Abdely !

I live with animals since I was a kid. I love animals and can’t imagine living a period of my life without owning 1 pet at least!

My Spanish pretty dog was lost in Abdely area, then it was found dead, killed, shot !!! by a monster not a human. How can any person with a heart bare to kill an animal in such an aggressive way. My heart was broken and my tears doesn’t stop whenever I see photos of my Spanish friend (Hershey) , watching me eat or chasing my bike …

Last year on my graduation day I received a gift which was a big surprise! A dog, but not Spanish :) It is a German Shepherd from my brother (my best friend).

Me and the new dog (Buffy) are now good friends and only one thing scares me, will it be killed! Or will it live until it gets old …

Saturday, August 21, 2004

POW’s (prisoners of war)

I miss them so much, are they still alive! saddam has been caught and we still don’t know anything about them. We used to think are they eating? Are they sleeping ? Now we think when will we see their bodies or bones! Whenever the phone rings, we hold our hearts, is it the call to tell us come bury them …

One of them was caught by the Iraqis’ soldiers in 1990 (Iraq invasion to Kuwait) after days from his engagement. And the second was caught with him at the same time. The first one’s wife refused to marry anyone else and still hoping to have him back and celebrate their wedding after 13 years. Their father who was a POW too died last year!

Their crime was volunteering to bake bread for the (fereej) at a time people needed something to eat.

It was a war … It was a nightmare that didn’t end … It was the biggest crime ever …

And they are prisoners of war … They are innocent … They are my cousins …


Will there be a miracle that saddam left them alive!!!

Back to Kuwait!

Hello everybody ... I am new in here :)

I have just returned from Turkey to my country Kuwait!
One of my new friends introduced me to this website and after browsing it I liked it, although I still dont know how to use it properly :p