Monday, August 30, 2004

Colors (HUGE collection)

I am at work now trying to choose 2 colors between more than 400 color !
believe me, and it is a big decision ...

One color for the forms and the other for the textboxes
You dont know what am talking about? ok
A system that all employees will be using daily includes all these forms

And my boss asked me to choose the best colors
why me? (I am a girl :) and the only girl in my department!)

I will be back after I make my desicion
I am still trying colors with colors
hope to find the best soon

P.S. If anyone didnt like it they will blame girls' taste :p


Purgatory said...


Tata Botata said...

What's wrong with the default grey(silver) for the form and white for the textboxes.

Also, It will help if you have some kind of a corporate color scheme.

Ra-1 said...

that is why they chose me as a GIRL to pick the colors :)

anyway this project hes been done and the colors were (cotton blue) forms and (light yellow) textboxes !