Sunday, July 26, 2009

Unpacking and Packing!

رجعت من البحرين قبل ساعات
الحمدلله خلصت امتحانات الفاينل
قبل أمس امتحان من ٨ الصبح
وأمس كان تعب مو طبيعي
بالجامعة من الصبح إلى عشر بالليل
امتحانين كل واحد ثلاث ساعات وبينهم قعدنا ندرس
طلعنا آنا وصديقتي من آخر امتحان ميتين من اليوع
رحنا سيده المطار وكلينا هناك جنه مجاعة
بعد ساعات بإذن الله أغادر لاكتشاف بلدان جديدة
المالديف وسريلانكا
أحتاج هذه الإجازة للراحة من الدراسة والعمل

Sunday, July 19, 2009

True Faith

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Daiseya :*
May this day be the beginning of another
special year :)
If I did not see you tomorrow, your gift will be fries
من مطعم الروضتين بالعبدلي
And you have to eat it :p

I warned you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

مواضيع وصور

Baskin Robbins Home delivery service! WANASA :)
Call: 1822833

Sealine Beach Resort
More photos


My green MacBook is pink now!

The color is even prettier than the picture

وردي فسفوري عجيب بس بالصورة شكله فوشي


Salaries reduction! Cool :p

اليوم وصلنا تعميم خبر خصم المعاشات

يالله زين نجرب شي ييديد

LOL :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

That's when she thinks she looks her worst!

She: Hatha lesh sallam 3alech?

Me: Eshdarranee I don’t know him!

She: Did he just ignore me and the rest of the girls, and said Hi to YOU?

Me: Hehhe yeah

She: Wait! Isn’t this the guy who was staring at you for months! OMG its him lol

Me: And he finally said Hi :p

She: Akheeran! We should celebraaate ;)

Me: LOL you are crazy :) I don’t care if he said Hi

She: I have noticed that, when he smiled at you bawaztay eb wayha, e7na lesh kella chethee

Me: Ma77ad 3ajebna lol

She: Shellat e7jabat bo tafkha ohma elee 3arfeenlohom shofeehom eshlon ekalmonhom o kelman mayyet 3alehom, Did you see their scary makeup?
eff I hate them

Me: First e7na mo shellat e7jabat bo tafkha, Second who knows yemken etha te7ajjabtay ra7 talbeseen e7jab bo tafkha

She: weeeee3

Me: Hahha, listen sweetheart they like them but they don’t marry them

She: Hmmm ...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله "Update"


Marwa al-Sherbini stabbed 18 times to death

in a German court cause of hijab

الله يرحمها ويشفي زوجها :(


Update تحديث

The police shot her husband when he was

defending his wife with no weapon!!!

and he might not live! While the killer is not even injured!

And all of this happened infront of their son!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I miss those days in Jakarta

Memory ... is the diary that we all carry about with us
ذكريات أندونيسيا


LOL :)


Indonesians think that I am funny!