Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I miss those days in Jakarta

Memory ... is the diary that we all carry about with us
ذكريات أندونيسيا


LOL :)


Indonesians think that I am funny!



KarKoor said...

The bracelets still wrapped ?!

Anonymous said...

Funny & Cute - a killer combination :-)

Don't blame the Indonesians for liking you.

الحارث بن همّام said...

People in Bahrain know u , in Korea know u , Indonesia

Wow .. Ra1 you are an international celeberity

Ra-1 said...

KarKoor ...

LOL this is an old picture :)

Anonymous ...


Ra-1 said...

الحارث بن همّام ...

Hehhe :)
مرة بدبي هندي يناديني ويسلم وانا ما أذكر هذا أعرفه من وين
بس مثلت إني عرفته بعد شسوي فشله LOL