Saturday, August 28, 2004

Profile Views !

GoodMorning everybody :)

my profile has been viewed 32 times, while it was mixed up!
Just informing you that I added commas, so the details which were missing appeared now



yellow brick road said...

hmmm interesting.....this is the first Kuwaiti profile that has the Holy Quran as a favourite book.
Makes u wonder why there are so few.

It's my fav. too BTW


UzF said...
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UzF said...

hello ra-1!
by the time im writing this it's (still) 53 viewrs :P
sorry about 'hershey', but yalla good luck wit ur new dog thought i dont understand why you need a trainer for it..
and btw, the pic was posted in my blog by mistake- it was supposed to be shown as my profile pic but now it's all ok :)
good luck and c ya later ;)

Ra-1 said...

Yellow brick road
I am proud to be the first one ...

Uzf thank u