Friday, April 21, 2006

I have to go ...

Life gets complicated more and more whenever one grows up

Number of persons whom we can trust and depend on is decreasing

Those who have very kind and innocent hearts, suffer more, one important reason is that they simply cannot forget

Whenever I do a mistake I tell myself, it is my fault and I have to face the consequences, that’s what I deserve!

When you want to end a relationship or do not want this friend anymore, it is better to be a good and peaceful end and end it wisely, with the least loss

المؤمن كيس فطن

I feel like such a fool ...

I cant Take it ...

I cant Fake it ...

Do not regret the big sacrifices u have given I know it is painful they do not appreciate the things u have done to satisfy them, things which u have never done to anyone else


Do not promise others that you will never hurt them, and then u do, why promise at the first place?

This is not a puzzle or anything, just a mix of thoughts that are crossing into my mind lately or you can say facts that life taught me, add to it a lot of serious and complicated work I am doing at my workplace and other places, I don’t know I just feel different, not the Ra-1 I know! No time to do the things that I like plus a lot of wasted time! How? Don’t ask me!

Everyone asks me what is wrong? u look upset? meno emza3lech? My mom asked me that yesterday! I have no answer because there is no specific reason, I guess ... the funny thing is she was surprised that I am coming home right after work which I mostly do not do ...

one of my friends told me are u living in a hotel? u just go home at night to sleep :/

I decided to do one thing that I really love, hoping that it will help, it is the only thing that will keep me away for a while from many people, many things, many places and from being busy all the time plus I will have time for myself and I will have time to tidy the mess that is in my brain, reschedule my life maybe! Also I will forcely be happy being with my favorite person who understands me the most!

... I am TRAVELLING ... u can call it running away ... but I am sure its going to be fun inshaAllah ...
My dad will be in Istanbul for some work, I will stay with eb9ara7a in Ankara, then after 3 to 5 days dad will join us or perhaps we will fly to Istanbul if eb9ara7a took some days off work but I dont think that he can, not sure about anything yet, waiting my boss to come back and sign the leave application for me.

Eb9ara7a told me this news when he knew that I am coming soon, that one of his cats ---->Toto <---- is not there anymore! He said he gave it to someone!!!

I don’t believe him :/


Anyways brother, clean my room and prepare the limo ;) hehe


al3anan I liked your post and allow me to copy these lines here ...

انها لحظات...تمر سريعا...لكنها تحمل معها الكثير...

شريط ذكريات يمر بي...في كل مره أطوف بتلك الأماكن...

أشخاص دخلوا حياتي...أشخاص خرجوا منها...منهم من ترك أثر...منهم لم أعد اتذكر ملامح وجوههم...

أشخاص أرتبطوا بتلك الأماكن...وبقت ذكراهم هناك..

يختفي الأشخاص...وتبقى الأماكن...وأبقى أنا مع الذكريات


and this is from the email ...

لا تندهش ياصديقي مهما خسرت من الأشياء ومهما اكتشفت من الأشياء

فقدرك أن تعيش في زمان كل مابه ممكن وجائز ومعقول


Ensan basee6 said...

every one need his space and every one need to have a time of his own away from work life and every thing just time to relax a break is needed just for a change

Ensan basee6 said...

forgot to wish you a plesant trip :) have fun

True Faith said...

I was really welling to joim you in this trip but .... you know.

yalah inshallah next time.

Have fun and shut that mind of yours and you will feel better ;)

Ra-1 said...

ensan basee6 ...
thank u :)

TF ...
bismilla shemga3dech halwagt ma9addeg :p
eee maleeqa mentay yayya ma3ay :(

Purgatory said...

Go get some rest, you deserve it

Ra-1 said...

Purg ...
thank u :)

Al-Hanbali said...

asalamu aleykum

you know,,what you should do,,

hehe,,well im not telling you what to do,,,

you ought to seriously consider getting married and staying at home,,and have some children,,and start wearing niqab before that all

memorise Quran,,and go to kulliet sharee3a

how about that
life doesnt get any better

and have fun,,until then,,,

Al-Hanbali said...

am sure you realised i dont smile at girls on blogs any more this is my policy otherwise i would have

May Allah ease everything for you,,and grant you khair where ever and when ever you are

eb9ara7a said...

إن كنت تسعى للسعادة فاستَقِم
تنلِ المرادَ و تغدُ أوَّل من سما

ناطرين :)

LiTTLE BiG said...

hi ;p

ana awal shay kent em3a9ba u know about what :p LOL

bs know lama garet eL post wayed '9ag 5elgy ma adree lesh etha sheftch agolch ;p

HaVE FuN in your trip :)

rightstart said...

b4 u go ....
أمس بعثت لج مسج قبل ما اقرا البوست
"إذا أردت أن لا تحزن على شيء
فافعل كل شي
لله "
وقلت في نفسي سبحان الله
شلون طرى علي ابعث لج مثل هالرساله في هالوقت

وأهدي لك هذه الأبيات التي لها مكانه خاصه في قلبي

كن عن همومك معرضا ***وكل الأمور الى القضا
أبشر بخير عاجل*** تنسى به ما قد مضى
فلرب أمر مسخط *** لك في عواقبه رضا
ولربما اتسع المضيق ***وربما ضاق الفضا
الله يفعل ما يشاء *** فلا تكن معترضا
الله عودك الجميل *** فقس على ما قد مضى

Broke said...

I'm happy 4 u ..Enjoy ur time 2 the fullest ... and Have a lot of fun .. ;)

Ra-1 said...

Q8ibloger ...
memorise Qur'an! inshaAllah ameen :\
niqab and koleyat sharee3a! Mmmm :p
and tabasomoka fee wajhe akheeka 9adaqa :)

eb9ara7a ...
la tan6er kanee 3ndek :)

LittleBig ...
el3a9abeyya mo zena ;)

Ra-1 said...

right start ...
yezach Allah khair :)

Broke ...
inshaAllah dear ;)

lawyer said...

yalla enshalla have anice time
o kil shay bekon eb a7saan 7aaaaaal
good luck

LiTTLE BiG said...

LoL ;p

enzain we9alch my email etha e reply it LOL :p

Ra-1 said...

lawyer & little big ...
thank you :)