Monday, July 24, 2006


China again?
Hmmm :p
el website elee ketabt 3anna in the previous post
is BLOCKED @ work now
لا تعليق الصراحة
بس ضحكت يعني ما عندهم سالفة إلا آنا شنو المواقع إلي أدخلها @@
والله طلعت وايد مهمة
زين زين !
توه ياني موظف مو كويتي معاي بالشركة ماسك الجريدة ويؤشر على العنوان العريض بالصفحة الأولى
Him: Ra-1 what does this say?
Me: it says \"200 KD from the Amir for every Kuwaiti\"
Him: it means everybody?
Me: yeah all Kuwaitis !
Him: how do I get to be a citizen?
is it like a bonus?
even wife and kid will get it?

la ya7sedoona bismilla !
e3naaad I am posting from work!
dont ask how :)
eee soon inshaAllah !
dont ask why :)
Done with the Delete button and confirmation box ... el7emdella ...
no one helped me with it and it took me less than 2 days which is very good :D


Inssan said...

إي والله حاسدين الفقير على موتت الجمعه بس آنا اقول مو جنه الخمسين مليون احلى من الميتين دينار؟

Ω Suki Candy Ω said...

اي والله يا انسان بسيط نفص ال 200 الي اقرها ابوي الراحل الشيخ جابر رحمت الله عليه
لمننزلت لنا و نبي نتشري شي و نساوم عليه يقول انتو عندكم فلوس وايده مو ال 200 نزلت يعني بيلعنون ام الي يابت هال 200
يبا ليش الحسد هاذي انا عندي بمثابه اعانه او مساعده و يمكن تقولون هديه و الله يستر يمكن شي علشان يصكرون حلوج كل مواطن عن شي مايندري شنو الي الياي

تحياتي رووونه i miss you sis it's been along time we didn't chat

Purgatory said...

ma fahamt shay men elpost, chenna kharabeee6 :P

Thanks for you know what :)

Anonymous said...

i don't feel any richer with the 200 KD i mean couldn't they do something better like make better hospitals, schools, or something something

Diver said...

First talking about the KD200 may we all spend it the way we want and in good health not forgetting the poor
second good for u
u have the right to post from the place u want

Chai-7aleeb said...


Mother Courage said...

i just hate the idea of it ...meaning the 200 .... who said people are going to shut up with 200 ? or maybe they will ... sometimes i cant believe how low people cant get ... *sigh* =(

Reem AlOnaizy said...

7addi yemken dasha '3l6

still a7es ena OK ena ya5eth el 50 millions

madam we live methl gabel lema kan el-Ameer Jaber 3ayesh
all of us r RICH el-7md lellah

YES , all of us RICH

edyoon+el-a89a6 ma yt ella mn enna elwa7ed yabi ykoon kash5a akthar mn elly 3endah eb-mo5batah

mo na89na shay

ow e7na eb5air el-7md lellah