Wednesday, December 06, 2006

enjoy your weekend :)

Few days ago I came back home at around 7 pm and there was just our maid ...
maid : "someone sent you flowers, but dont tell anyone!
mama and baba told me not to tell you so that you get surprised to see it"
Ra-1 : "oh thanks for making it a surprise :p so where is it???"
maid : "listen dont tell mama that i told you"
Ra-1 : "okay okay i wont tell, now where are the flowers?"
maid (looking around the house) : "I dont know! it was just here"
Ra-1: "who sent it?"
maid : "I dont know! maybe someone wants to marryyy you ;)"
Ra-1 : "hahhaa! someone wants to marry me why would he send me flowers? to make me fall in love?" LOOL
then i went upstairs, entered my room and there it was! 60 white roses! sixty (yup I counted them) :D

wow it looks gorgeous and the card says SORRY! it was TrueFaith :')
thanks girl, u made me feel very evil for making u do this! :p
i love u :*
I forgive LittleBig too, since she went out with me many times this week and it was FUN :*

i know 7adee ma9la7cheya :p well they know that heh :)


Purgatory said...

60 flowers will not fill your stomach, I think it would have been better if she fed you 60 times :P

3baid said...

How sweet! :D

True Faith said...

Yes I'm sweet and you're evil :P

ya ma9la7cheya; 3ayal law ayeblich jelly beans you would dedicate a whole blog for me :P

Ra-1 said...

Purg ...
ana mo Purg :p

3baid ...

TF ...
even more ;)

Dawn Fairy said...

how sweet :) if i know being ma9la7cheya would bring me flowers and nice things, i would be a BIG one :P

loco said...

oo have fun ! soo nice

Kuw_Son said...

Thank God for that true friend :)

Diver said...

اشوة طاح الحطب
ان شاء الله دوم مستانسين

LiTTLE BiG said...

maid : "I dont know! maybe someone wants to marryyy you "

LoL 7adhaa romanceya ;p

Ra-1 said...

Dawn Fairy ...
hehhe :)

loco ...
thanks :)

Kuw_Son ...
el7emdella :)

Diver ...

LiTTLE BiG said...
e 7adhaaa 7ata lama et6ale3 movie tabchee :p

Nooni said...

ok i will allow you not to forgive me... actually i don't forgive my self.

oh gosh

happy belated birthday my love

but why 60?

طائر بلا وطن said...
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طائر بلا وطن said...

يا سلااااام


بس عندي سؤالين

ترو فيث

ليش ستين وردة ؟؟؟


شنو اللي خلاج تعدينهم لوول ؟


if i were u i would say to ur maid

these flowers are not for me

they are for u .. someone wants to marry
u .. someone loves u .. adores u


u would be real evil hehehe

Ra-1 said...

Judy ...
its not my birthday !!!

طائر بلا وطن ...
إي ليش ستين؟ ليش مو إميه؟

ليش عديتهم؟؟؟ اممم مادري
egoloon inee weird :)