Sunday, August 12, 2007

Websites reviews

I order things online almost every week but last week was full of online orders
heh :)
I made an order for DVDs from for my cousin. is a good friend of us all, so no need to talk about it.
Ordered clothes from it was an amazing experience,
since I couldn’t find time to go shopping for clothes.
I really loved the ones I ordered and the size was perfect,
I got something for my niece too ...

isnt it cute :D was a successful experience, definitely will be a frequent customer, they have nice an elegant clothes and other things, neat rapping, fast delivery, I love it!

------- is a new website, they have cupcakes and brownies,
I ordered the first time to taste every kind, it was not a good experience at the beginning, since I received my order after 2 days!!! And their website says 24 hours max!
I insisted on not taking the order, but they called me, they were polite and kept apologizing and asking me to take it, since they are new in business and promised to deliver the next time order fast and on time!
To be honest I agreed at the end for one reason, I wanted to encourage them especially that I heard the owners are Kuwaiti girls. Anyways I paid in cash coz that’s the only way available for now.

They come in cute boxes :)

In brief everything tastes amazing, it is very delicious and yummy, so the next day I was having girls gathering at my place, so I made an order in the morning and sent them an email asking them to deliver it at 6 pm same day.

At 6:00 I got the delivery :D

I really appreciate it and they passed the test :p

The girls loved the cupcakes and brownies and they all asked me
where is it from, I advise you to try it, its Really really good :)

What do u think ;)


Off topic ...
The new Hotmail is stupid!
2 GB is nice, loved the way the attachments appear
and how easy the photos download
But the Arabic font doesn’t appear!!!
Even with the encoding solution

I cant read Arabic :/



Anonymous said...



prince lost

Purgatory said...

um, you wear that kid's pyjama????

Financy said...

Nice post ,

AMAZON is my best friend

o pinkmoonbotique some of its items are over priced .. and some are good deals , its a hard thing to order clothes online , ako big chance they look different in real life and they dont fit perfectly .. but im glad it fit u

i guess ill order from the cupcakes shop .. shakla 7elo .. or maybe the pic you took makes it look better :p

HOTMAIL ?! shakhbaryyyyyyyyy .. i only use the email to access msn messenger ... i use Gmail .. its the best

Ra-1 said...

Prince Lost ...
Thanks :)

Purg ...
ana mo qazma el7emdella :p

Financy ...
I use Gmail as well but didnt quit using Hotmail :)

Kuw_Son said...

bel3afya el order ..

w very nice experience with the two websites ..

honestly I didn't try shopping online ella mn for photography equipments,, thats all.

furthermore, flights, Knet payments for MTC ,, thats all.

about hotmail .. it sucks ..
even it has a nice interface ..

Ra-1 said...

Kuw_Son ...
I forgot to mention I paid my mtc bill online too :p

loyalty said...

لا تغريني :P
ترى تخدعني الاعلانات
شكلي بعيد النظر :D

Ra-1 said...

loyalty ...

Yara said...

Amazon? All the DHL drivers edelon baitna mn kither my orders :P

Pinkmoon i ordered a couple of times and i loved it.. i love the convenience of online shopping bhal 7ar :P

Definitly going to try the , also wedi i try littletreats q8

MASS said...

Consumerism is your middle name!!

but i have to say that what you got for your neice is cool!

and the englishis weird in this post :S

Mishari said...

البيجاما عجيبة :)

nice post

بدأت المرحلة الاخيرة للتصويت لافضل نائب الرجاء التصويت

New Bride said...

mashalaaaah heheh so nice

pinkmoon rocks they have great stuff

and the cupcake 3ajeeeeeeeeeb :)

Anonymous said...

I actually ordered from Dessert and found that when it comes to taste it was average, nothing I would crave, but the presentation was pefect, I'd still order from their website for gatherings or to add it to a birthday present, but I hope they can work on getting it to taste better.

::heba:: said...

البجامه حدها تشوق

وبالعافيه عليكم الكيك
والله اقرى واحس ابي اهجم على صوره :p
شكله لذيذ :]

Ra-1 said...

Yara ...
I dont know littletreats q8 :)

MASS ...
Why weird? badleyat u mean?

Ra-1 said...

Mishari ...
أخيرا المرحلة الأخيرة :p
إن شالله أصوت :)

New Bride ...
it is :)

Ra-1 said...

Anonymous ...
For me the taste was really good :)

::heba:: ...

Anonymous said...

pink moon فتحوا محلهم قبل فتره قصيره بالمنطقت المقابلة لقصر السيف صوب مطعم بانيني و شاي و نعنع شفته صدفه و للحين ما مريت بخاطري اروحله شكله يشوق

Ra-1 said...

Anonymous ...
Yes you are right :)

Anonymous said...

إن شاء الله

مو إن شالله

لأن فيها إختلاف بالمعنى


Ra-1 said...

Anonymous ...
يزاك أو يزاج الله خير
ما في اختلاف بالمعنى بين
إن شاء الله
و إن شالله
في اختلاف بالمعنى
بين إن شاء الله
و إنشاء الله

hamdool said...
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