Tuesday, January 29, 2008

أهلا من ألمانيا

I am still in Germany with my dad and younger bro.It is not snowing but it is very VERY cold in here. I am having so much fun :) alhamdolilla.
Tomorrow inshaAllah we are leaving from Akhen (aachen) to Berlin, We could not find any seats available in any flight, everything is fully booked due to the carnival. So the only option is going by train. We have booked tickets on the fast express train. 6 hours by train is still alot :/


Manal said...

enjoy your time dear

very nice place

but not very nice people out there

from my experience

for me, train is the best option, because I can see the greens

have a nice time

don't forget to post some pictures


eshda3wa said...

god i LOVE train rides!!

enjoy ur time babe

hope u have lots of fun!!

:: ENG DaLooLa :: said...

have fun looking at leafless trees and white land :P

Anonymous said...

Have FuN Sweety ;* and TakeCare =)
7ady waLhana 3aLich

LiTTLe Big,
Cairo, Egypt

NewQ8 Bride said...

enjoy your time dear :) hope u`ll have fun :) i miss u tra

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Bombay Bombshell said...

Have fun o take care :)
Terje3oon Besalama Enshallah..