Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zai jiaaan !

The blogosphere is a smaller version of the big community we live in.
It has good and bad people who we interact with everyday.
And just like the big community, the blogging world is full of psychos, cruel, mean, evil, heartless and sick people. You won't be always lucky when knowing bloggers in person and meeting with them. Not everyone is the same personality as in his blog, so many liars out there! One of the bloggers who I was lucky to know and really respect and like SO much is Judy Abbott. We met maybe 4 times only; one of them was in my house. First time we met was in Canada in 2006 and the last time was this weekend. We were supposed to go out in a group (my friends + her friends). Some of them cancelled and others said they might come but didn't show up (like Ray) maleeqa :p So it was just Judy and I! I picked her up and we went bowling. It was so much fun :)

My ball

Her ball


We both wear size 39 :p

Judy thought my size is 36 or 37! LOL


كان التحدي إن إلي تخسر تركب لعبة الخيول مالت اليهال
وطبعا آنا فزت :D

هذي ترا نتيجة الـ
بالمرة الأولى يبت رقم بالسبعينات
أدري مو وايد بس زين مني
هاذي جودي راكبة لعبة اليهال

wek wek :p
ترا ركبت معاها لأني وايد طيبة فما خليتها تتفشل بروحها
Thank you Judy ... you're such a sweetheart :)
P.S. 3baid تم تنفيذ طلبك

Dad went to the US :(
I am leaving to Dubai in few hours inshaAllah on a business trip
and guess what! Aiko is coming in July!
إلى اللقاء


Purgatory said...

ok who are the psychos :)

Catism القطويّة said...

hehe :)
أجمل شي لعبة الخيول :p

الزرقاء و ندى الجنة said...

Everyone thinks am crazy coz I have online friends who I take seriously ..hehe thank God Rawan we do share this "intrest" ;)
Nearly about last month I got to see one of the bloggers.. whom Ive knowns since about 8 years now .. thru forums then blog
mashallah she is a great inspiration .. this is her blog :P

ray said...

I really wanted to come and I did reach the place, heh

I was lost, I mean really lost and I forgot to charge my mobile that day :P so iley 9ar ini 7ist 7ist o I went home, ate popcorn and watched a lovely movie. :D

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip...gonna miss you :(


I love you....

Big Pearls said...

sounds like fun:D

Nooni said...

Amazing pics Ra1 :D
it was tons of fun ! Can't wait to spend the left 700 fils hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

ee chithee a7san! :D
Much better, thank you :]

loco said...

hehe wanasa 3endeech :P

have fun wa 3alich bel 3afyah !! watha taben morsheed sya7eey eb dubai qolili agoolich weeen etroo7een wayeen etreedeen :P

Manal said...


عليكم بالعافية


NewQ8 Bride said...

7safa i couldn`t make it enshalah marra thanya

i tagged u :)

Shayouma said...

LoL I second the purge :P

J.k.. Well, I donno why I CAN'T imagine any of the bloggers I know and like to be any different.. I know it's stupid but I can't find a reason to why people LIE about who they are in a blog.. I am totally me and I don't see why others do otherwise.. '3abiyya adri looool!

Ra-1 said...

Purg ...
ليش ما تدري؟

Catism القطوية ...

الزرقاء و ندى الجنة ...
I will check her blog :)

Ra-1 said...

ray ...
Wee! khala9 sama7tech :p

Big Pearls ...

Judy ...
Hehhe eee keep it :)
btw the pic u took for me is really nice! 9ertay mo9awera ;)

Ra-1 said...

3baid ...
ur welcome :)

loco ...
Thanks am back heh :)

ManalQ8 ...
الله يعافيج :)

Ra-1 said...

New Bride ...
InshaAllah :)

:::ShoSho::: ...
Mo kel enas nafsech! ra7 ten9admeen :)

mantovani said...


مساء الخير

الله يخليج و يهني صديقاتج فيج

و الله يديم عليج النعمة يا رب


بخصوص ايوكو

اانا عازمها على قهوة

باذن الله

و قوليلها مانتوفاني معجب فيج


Ra-1 said...

بعلم زوجتك :p