Sunday, July 03, 2011

ومازلت أحب مشاركة مدونتي بالكثير من الأمور

I hope everybody is enjoying their summer!

I just came back from Dubai. Looks like it is going to be my last trip before being a mother inshaAllah :)
Check out my new mug :D

Photo taken at "Ra1 Photo Studio"

Photos from Dubai ...

This was taken in Wild Wadi - Jumaira Beach


Our luggage at the airport


Choowy Goowy opened in Dubai Mall

تشوفون علامته الصفرة فوق


Burj Al arab

photo taken by iphone from our room in Jumaira Beach Hotel

It is funny how I am experienced with kids but have no experience at all with babies!

And I am still insisting on not having a nanny

So let's see how my life will be lol
Everybody incuding my mom is against this idea but at least my husband is supporting this and encouraging me :)
I believe that women are smart and powerfull and I hope that I will not give up.

Many people raised their kids with no help from a stranger.

Well not many in Kuwait! but why not set an example!
I am not saying it is going to be easy but inshaAllah

it wont be as hard as people are telling me :)
Okay one more photo!


Hope said...

lovely mug u've got, bel3fyah
Allah ytamem 3laich & I think you've made a wise decision, yes it's gonna be tough, maybe very tough bs inshalla this is gonna be a decision you'll never regret

Seema* said...

You can definitely survive without a nanny! ;P
Lovely photos mashallah :")

نون النساء said...

no one will love your baby as you do ,, nanny will do but only for money ;)~

الله يقومج بالسلامه ان شاءالله
both of u..

Antonio said...

bel salama inshallah

w allah yektb al5er w al9al7 inshallah

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

belsalama inshallah
dubai is as pretty as ever,
and the nany part. u can have one for the house work only.
I didn't let mine touch my baby be4she turned 3 years old :P
then I let her play with her a bit :P ma7ibb killish.
Good luck with the motherhood coming ;)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Cute mug :) alaah ysahel 3aleech enshalah , regarding the nanny this is your decision go for it , in my opinion u can have a maid not a nanny , you deserve some help because being a mother is a big job . She don't have to touch the baby , but also 3ashan tgdreen t36een mm galbich lazm 3ndich a7d ysa3dich b shghel elbeet

Bas :) this is your life and no one have then right supervise you

bnt dxb said...

w ana a8ool laish dxb mnwra hal2yam enshallah tkoneen 8'9eeti w8t mmt3 feha ... w wayed 7beet almug w awl ma shftah i smiled tstahleen kl 5eer 7beebti w allah y8wmch bslama ...
mmmm t3rfeen a3rf wayed 7reem 8alo mthlch bs 38b ma ramo yt7mloon w yabo nany la t25theen klamii 3la anah t7bee6 enshallah you will be able 2 do it

Butterfly Chick said...

the mug is so so so so so CUTE !!

allah egawmech bel salama inshalla

Ra-1 said...

Hope ...

InshaAllah :) thank you dear

Ra-1 said...

Seema* ...

Glad u liked them :D

Ra-1 said...

نون النساء ...

Very true
الله يسلمج :)

Ra-1 said...

Antonio ...

Ameen :)

Ra-1 said...

RuBY_GLooM ...

yes I will definitely need one for the house work since I wont be having much time!

Thank you sweetie :)

Ra-1 said...

New Bride ...

Yes I agree :)

Ra-1 said...

bnt dxb ...

Emnawra bahalha :)
InshaAllah, thank you dear & welcome to my blog!

Ra-1 said...

Butterfly Chick ...

Hehhe :) thank you sweetie