Monday, February 14, 2005


At last the pictures!
أو بالأصح الدفعة الأولى من الصور

only -2 ???
NO! -8

حسافة مو واضحة

نشوقكم للجزء الثاني
so just see my foot steps ;p


True Faith said...

Snow, I didn't like it when I was in England, But now I miss it alot :(

Waiting for part 2

eb9ara7a said...

akthar shay 3jabne Date elPic hehe
2/2 :D
mo 1/1 ya Ra.1 , wala 3/3 :pPp

9ej sa7tane 8 under 0 .. mo belDeera , etha enzalat lama 15 9araw elnas chenhom belAskeemo :))

Q8Challenger said...


Enty Mtakda Ena Enty Elly Em9awra ??

shakla El Camra 6ay7a Oo M9awra Ay Shay :S

Bass Mo Moshkila I liked The Last Pic

Waiting For More.........

bo_ghazi said...

Did you take a pic of that kid who was staring at you last time you were there ;P

Ra-1 said...

TF :)

Eb9ara7a na'3za oshkoborha (ya3nee la tensen my b-day garrab 3-3 send me a gift ha?)
tara elyom eldaraja 9 in Kuwait :D

Q8Challenger :\ lesh mo 7elween?
shasawee belbard zen agdar amsek el camera! :)

BoGhazi NO, that kid is in Bor9a and I didnt go Bor9a this time, but I took pics of othr kids :p

Vintage said...

today was very cold .. indeed , walking in snow... wow, beautiful all the way :)