Tuesday, February 15, 2005

WARNING: Political Post ahead!



I was just reading the news and this stopped me:

The explosion was so powerful that Hariri's motorcade of bulletproof vehicles was left a burning wreck and a 30-foot crater was gouged in the street.

According to security officials, more than 650 pounds of TNT explosives were used in the attack. However, it is not known whether the explosives were placed in a vehicle or on the side of the street.

إذا أردتم الموضوع كاملا https://www.aljazeera.com/me.asp?service_ID=7055.

تعليقي: متفجرات قوية جدا وعددها كبير + تخطيط منظم وتوقيت دقيق
ثم يعلن عن جماعة غير معروفة مسؤوليتها عن الاغتيال!!!
هذا تخطيط دولة ولا يمكن أن يكون من فعل مجموعة ولم نسمع عنها من قبل



esetch said...

أتفق مئه بالمئه

LiTTLE BiG said...

i agree with u in this point
هذا تخطيط دولة ولا يمكن أن يكون من فعل مجموعة !

LiTTLE BiG said...
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Al-Hanbali said...

yeah never jump to conclusions anyway

i think it might have serious implications
like maybe in a few years the U.S will be using this as an excuse to do what it did to iraq with siryia.

Ra-1 said...

Esetch ... welcome to my blog :)

LittleBig ... lazem etdesheen koleyat el3oloom esseyaseya ;)

Q8iblogger ...
u said (like maybe in a few years the U.S will be using this as an excuse to do what it did to iraq with siryia)
I say ... I agree ...
تحليل غير مستبعد
and include Iran with Syria!

LiTTLE BiG said...

آن الآوان لصحوة !

eb9ara7a said...

9a7 elsanech ..
awalan haljama3a mo ma3roofa fa akeed malha khebra o tajarob 3askareya sabqa lee darajat enha tnafeth hal3amaleya eb haldeqa !
thaneyan sheno ma9la7at sene 3ashan yaqtel sene ? chan hajam shee3a aw 3alaweya aw masee7eyeen mathalan
thalethan ele ysawe shay o nawe ysawe More shako mako yakshef wayha bel T.V ?!
Anyway , Allah yer7am el7areere wele mataw ma3ah

Design82 said...

ra-1 magaret eshkatba bel post bas kent bagolech ena 7abetech o kebartay eb 3ene yom sheft your Favorite Books(The Holy Qura'an)
wala enech 3ala raseey we7asele el sharaf aser sadeqtech lol :D

Al-Hanbali said...

i tried getting in your blog its too big and weird

hardly anything works:P

Design82 said...

Q8tiBloger madre waalah, its fine with me yemken el 3aib men your connection aw yemken ana 7a6a balawe wayed fa sar thagh6 3aleh lol enshalah ra7 athab6aa ^-^

Ra-1 said...

Design ...
n_n thank u sweety ...
since u wanna be my friend, I added u to my MSN ;)

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