Sunday, May 08, 2005

Super Size ME!

I watched this DVD at the living room while I was eating lunch !
I took my food to the kitchen and couldnt eat there as well :

The guy who must eat Mcdonlads 3 meals a day for a month is really disgusting!!! especially when he vom*** !

after the movie ended ... I still will go to Mcdonalds!
but I will carry on boycotting chicken! coz several times before I found things in their chicken sandwiches and from the DVD they show u how they mash the chicken with everything in it #$%^$^@
يهرسون الدياية بلي فيها !!!


أستغفر الله


bo_ghazi said...
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Mark said...

u want puke watch jackass or dirty sanchez ;)

LiTTLE BiG said...

يهرسون الدياية بلي فيها !!!

Weee3 :S

BloBoz said...

Mm ,, Enzain hersing el deyaya belly feyha is a bad thing !! wellah good thing :S

xbxbxb said...

Oh God .. !! ok i'm on diet now .. so no Mc Donald's for a while ..

agool .. sha'7bar Burger King .. ;)

Expatriate said...

I quitted eating fast food around 2 years ago. I can’t describe how disgusting I find junk food, especially MacDonald’s. For me, watching “Super Size Me” last December convinces me what a healthy decision I’ve made about keeping away from fast food restaurants. The point is that we have a huge amount of alternatives for fast food.

otuydbvckblkh said...

bloboz eshrayek enta :P

my friend told me about this movie last week, im a "burger king" fan ma3ana baini o banich kelhom wa7ed :S

MASS said...

Keep in mind
more important than all of this that MC Doanalds
gives a lot of money to Israel that money ends some how killing Muslimeen,,

ya3ni people eat unhealthy crap and give money to the wrong people

Ra-1 said...

Mark ... what are those?
welcome to my blog :)

LittleBig ... e :\

Bloboz ... hersing LOL
what do u think good or bad? :p

Ra-1 said...

Lazy ...
welcom to m,y blog :)
do I know you ?!

Ra-1 said...

Expatriate ...
2 years mashaAllah! I cant stop for a month :p

welcome to my blog :)

Ra-1 said...

Q8Leo ... Hardeez ba3ad mako farg :p

Q8iblogger ... I heard about that last year but still not sure :\

xbxbxb said...

Ra-1 .. thanx ..
I don't think that u know me ..
may be ... who knows !!?
why ? do i sound familiar ;)

i'm new to Blogging .. wish me good luck .. :D

i saw Jackass 1 .. one comment .. EeeeeeWWWwww ... watch it alone !!! na9ee7a .. better thing .. DON'T watch it .. all the time i was asking my self .. WHY ? r they crazy !! WHY ?! LOL ..

Ra-1 said...

Lazy ...
no I dont know u :)
just coz u asked about BurgerKing so I thought maybe u know me :p

Ra-1 said...

طافكم أمس اشصار
اتصلت على هارديز بطلب
قلت له بيج بوس ساندويش
قبل ما أكمل كلامي جان يقول لي
من غير طماطم وواحد كرسبي !!!!
آنا تفاجأت
قلت له اشدراك؟
مارد علي بس قعد يضحك
anyone can explain this!?

xbxbxb said...

Ra-1 .. Burger king just for fun .. as if we don't buy from McD. then go to BK .. although they process food the same way .. :P

as for HArdees ..
اذا انتي داقه عليهم من الرقم المسجل عندهم .. يشوفون الطلبات القديمه على هالرقم .. تلقين طالبه مثل هالطلبيه من قبل .. و الحجي طقها و اشتعلت

P.S. اتحسين انا وياك بطاليه امجابلين بعض في البلوغ ... LOL .. 3ad 3endi shu'3ul bas em6angerah 3alaih ;)

otuydbvckblkh said...

عندهم كمبيوتر فيه أرقام اللي يطلبون مع الطلبات و تواريخها

بس مادري ليش ؟

Ra-1 said...

Lazy ... 9ej lazy :p jablee she'3lech :)

Leo ... adree 3endohom elnumber wel address bas e6alabat! tawnee adree :)

Rain Drop said...

My bro told me about this movie!

I just love fast-food

I will never be able to stop lovin it :S

This is the bad thing about me

By the way, nice blog :]

Keep it up

Ra-1 said...

rain drop ...
ya fast food is great ;)
u have a nice blog too :)

MASS said...

itaqu Allah masta63tum :)

Rain Drop said...


I have a comment..

Is it true that we only get fast-food from Israel or these other countries?!

We rely on them to get everything we want..

and this is our fault..bcoz we are not producing anything locally..

believe me it is not money problem..Just think of Muslims before and now..

what can I say?! Life is strange..

Q8Lioness said...

wai3 discusting :/

Anonymous said...

Skip Fast Food, There Is Nothing Better Than the Rice :P

Ra-1 said...

Lion ... yes it is :\

Challenger ... who doesnt like rice! :p

Blossom said...


Thank God that I don't eat meats at Mcdonalds i just eat fries !!!

MASS said...

Rain Drop

Im not a dependency theorist, im just saying dont help out by allowing enemies to profit out of your money, in other Arab countries they have their own fast food,, its growing, either way fast food is a cultural thing that we have taken, so its not like we have to eat it

Besides i was only explicitly referring to Mc Donalds and not all of it in general, for the purpose of Israel,
Its our fault we don’t produce anything in general, very true, even we have plenty of oil money to make plenty of research, but some of us just love wasting their money on fancy and tall buildings,

Ra-1 said...

Blossom ... just fries :p

Blossom said...

Yeah when it comes to junk food I become a vegeterian :P

Ra-1 said...

mashaAllah 3alech :p