Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ni hao !

I wrtoe this 2 hours ago ...
We are on the plane leaving Indonesia to my favorite place "China" ...
We spent more than a week in Indonesia, there was a conference that dad participated in. now going to China inshaAllah just for fun and hoping to meet my Chinese friends n_n
Indonesia is the most country I left with memories, lots and lots of beautiful memories ...
Islamic atmosphere, so much fun, great people, learned alot from others, wonderful country not like what I expected. I will never forget the people I met there especially the best Indonesian girls ever "DJ, Hafsa & Pipit". I hope we stay freinds forever. I have alot to talk about and hundreds of photos to share :p
I miss my mom and my brothers (everyone of them in a country right now :/ inshaAllah they all go back to Kuwait safe and sound).
I miss my friends LittleBig and N (walaht 3alekom you crazy girls!).
I miss TrueFaith so much (please slow down in moving your stuff and unpacking, I promised to help!).
I hope everybody is doing fine :)


Purgatory said...

DJ, Hafsa & Pipit, is that a music group??

True Faith said...

I miss you more ! ma a7ebbich :(


I hate China and what kind of name is Pipit?

if I slow down my family will move without me !!!

bojsoom said...

ماشاء الله خوش سفرة الله يوفقكم فيها ..

والصين صارلي فترة أفكر أزورها ، ودام أنتوا هناك عيل شوفوا شلون أسعارها وطبيعتها وأسواقها اهم شي خاصة الإلكترونيات إذا مريتوا يمها جيسوا النبض فقط وأكون شاكر لكم ، مو ظروري اذا صادفتوا هالأسواق :) ..

وان شاء الله تستمتعون بالسفرة ولا تنسونا من الصور الطيبة :) ..


Ra-1 said...

Purg ...
hahha i thought Hafsa is an Islamic name ;p

TF ...
embala et7ebeenee :)
how can anyone hate China !!!
o tara ma artha 3ala Pipito :p

bojsoom ...
hathee mo awal mara ayee e9een, o tara kil shay feeha erkhee9 mo bas el electronics :)
bas golee gabel matroo7 3ashan a36eek edroos coz ahnee chathabeen wayed :p

Kuw_Son said...

have a nice journy :)

Ra-1 said...

Thank you :)