Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A tagg from China :)

Ling Bling Tagged me ...
Things That Make Me Happy:
1. Doing all my duties towards Allah (swt) and being a good muslim.
2. Talking to my brother (eb9ara7a) for hours, going out with him, or just being with him. (he got married recently, am gonna miss him sitting in my room or his late at night and talk, talk, talk!):'(
3. Travelling. (especially with my dad)
4. My friends. (they always make me happy even in sad and hard times)
5. Kids. (any kid can make me happy, I love them so much)
6. Watching a movie alone in my room (almost every night) and eating Hardeez on my bed :p
7. Shopping!
8. When I do any kind of sport. ( thats daily minimum 1 hour either at the gym, home, abdely or ice skating rink).
9. Driving. (I really enjoy driving a car although I started driving at 18 I never felt bored until now :p)
10. Developing (programming) a project and making it work sucsessfully with no single error!
11. Sleepovers. (sleepig in my grandma house, aunt house, shaleh or resort with my cousins)
12. Animals make me happy.
13. Getting a gift (who doesnt love gifts :p)

I guess thats enough! must catch the train now, goodbye !


Purgatory said...

I read Ling Bling and I thought she was your chinese friend :P

True Faith said...

I thought the same as Purgy :P

I know I'm the most reason for you being happy; but you hate metioning it '7awfan min el3ain :P


Kuw_Son said...

it seems like what purgatory thought about that bling !!

nice lits .. especially having your hardeez meal on the bed !!

Ali said...


OF COURSE ... coz you are girl


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Ensan basee6 said...

eating hardeez on your bed and watching a movie ?? sound like fun

Ra-1 said...

purg ...
hahha :p

TF ...

Kuw_son ...
yes a7la shay :)

Ali ...
of course :p

ensan basee6 ...
u should try it! :)

Financy said...

i dont like the majority of kids.

they annoy me when they get into my room , they always mess up my stuff and break them.

i love clean young tidy polite pretty kids .. inshallah allah yarzegny wa7ed chethy :p