Monday, May 21, 2007

وطن واحد

Today is the last day of the conference
I will try my best to attend the three sessions,
I have 2 places to go to
beside photography, but I think am gonna skip them!
Attending the first 2 days I really enjoyed it
and today will definetely be more interesting.
I love politics :)
In Saturday's first session I enjoyed listening to Dr. Shamlan Al-essa
I heard alot about him, but it was the first time to meet him,
he is funny heh (ewanis)
My brother later told me
( I talked to him (solafna) after the session for almost an hour! 6afech heh)
na7ees :p
In yesterday's last session
البرامج الوطنية للتيارات السياسية
only (al minbar) didnt show up!
everyone was wondering why they did not attend and participated like the 4 other groups!
well am not here to attack or critisize since
the reason is obvious, but it is really sad ...
I was really tierd at the end of last session, but the audience quetions at the end attracted me so I stayed and heard some of them before leaving
After the conference I went to Sultan Center and there I saw
writer Fu'ad Al-Hashim, I had my camera but no!
I dont like him :p
Off topic ...
what would u do when suddenly one of your friends
turn to a totally nosy
فضولية وملقوفة
to an unbelievalbe level !!!
I cant hurt her feelings ...
but I was honest and keep telling her you are annoying me
or stop questioning, but she just cant get it!
I tried everything I just cant stand her being like that anymore :/
and 'you know who' I am not overreacting !!!
حتى في الجلسة الأخيرة
القوائم الطلابية مع اتحاد الطلبة
تغيبت قائمتي الوسط والمستقلة عن الحضور


Purgatory said...
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Purgatory said...

You should not be soft with such people, just be cold and direct, a few slaps on the wrist do not hurt.

Financy said...

politics makes me tired ,

everybody thinks he is right ,

there are alot of extremist , either liberal or islamic ,

every one has his own hidden agenda , and an interest in something ,

Nothing is as it seems ,

Salfat el Naqelat , Kelhah Big masra7eyah ..

Sailor said...

being with a nosy friend in a car ( where u can not run from his questions ) is so annoying . like when my phone rings , i answer and and say 2 or 3 words then hang up , he asked who was that , what did he want , why is he calling u . and even sometimes my mother calls and he is like : what she wants !!! imagine yesterday we were all dinning togther , the 4 of us . and he said : i hang out with A and he told me all his secrets and hang out with B and he did as well , 2moro is ur turn .

Ra-1 said...

Purg ...
I will try :(

Financy ...
Politicas makes u tierd!
then why are u joining Altariq group :)

Sailor ...
guess what? that happened to me yesterday!
I was talking in the phone then she asks (who are u talking to?) , I was like (huh!), then she asks again (mino mino!), I said (why!), the she asks (I wanna know!) (I wont tell u okay!).
First, she couldnt wait till I finish my call! she interrupted me, and that is rude!
Second, why does she wanna know! no one asks me who am I talking to! who is she 2 to insist on knowing!!! in a very un polite way! I hate that.

Financy said...

True Faith .. stop bothering Ra-1 .. dont ask her too much :p