Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You mean the world to me.


I was looking for a photo in my external hard disk

and I found folders for Turkey photos

when I used to visit my brother eb9ara7a

I found some funny photos

طبعا تصويري كان خربوطي :p


click on the photo for a larger view


You should look carefully to know

why Purg would love this one :)


Here we were in an island in Istanbul

in 2006


This is LittleBig 's shop ;)


Here we were on the way out, wearing same sweater :)

in 2004

I miss the fun we had together :'(


I was in a resturant eating outdoor

and this cat was giving me this look !!!



In a museum

we found this couple

the tallest british guy with the shortest Japanese girl

no comment :p

and you can see her mom wearing yellow :)
In a boat on the way to an island

eb9ara7a buying me food



Judy Abbott said...

if these are fun pictures, then girl i want to take you with me to every trip to take pictures,, yehablooooon.

Little big esh3aleech mashhooora :P

and Purgs pic is it about the sushi or there is a hidden chubby lady in the place?

how was their shawerma?

Ra-1 said...

Judy ...
You didnt ask me to take pictures when we met in Canada ;)

Hahha no chubby lady, it is the Sushi :)

Turkish food is the BEST! I want doner :/ ye3t

LiTTLE BiG said...

aham shay 9orat LittleBg 3ajeeba 7adhaaa ;p
7ta ana abee doner kela teyaw3eneee ;s

Purgatory said...

Why no chubby lady?

MASS said...

yes,, turkey is good for you..
add mustard for taste..:P

What Will Be , Will Be .. said...

ولا مره رحت تركيا
بس استانست على الصور


Anonymous said...

I want sushi :(

Judy Abbott said...

recently i'm simply too hungry..

You know i didn't take pictures of toronto my self either.! .. for some reason cities don't make me excited.

BTW i have an exam in 2 hours... i'm not done studying yet.. and i decided to stop .. il denya ma teswa.


will you come today? Ray will.

Shaima'a Alkandari said...


nice pictures

i think its mean alot for u

the Photo nice

its really agood thing

keep going


Ra-1 said...

LiTTLE BiG ...

Purg ...
heh :)

MASS ...
I dony eat turkey :p

Ra-1 said...

What Will Be , Will Be ...
Long name u have!

Q8Challenger ...
ma 3endee :/

Ra-1 said...

Judy ...
I didnt find u :/
آنا مواعيدي مو مضبوطة بس إنتي طللعتي أردى مني :p

Shaima'a Alkandari ...
Thank You n_n

kila ma6goog said...

مشتهي شوارما تركية

Ra-1 said...

kila ma6goog ...
أحلى شي :)

Parallax1 said...

Istanbul is one of the countries in my "places to photography" List, they look good.

Ra-1 said...

Parallax1 ...
I call it "heaven on earth"!

Anonymous said...

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