Monday, June 04, 2007

7arra ma 3indikom :p

I have stopped using it,

people send me Arabic sms and I cant read them :'(


Have anyone seen Samsung E500 in Kuwait ???




judy moody said...


Financy said...

whats so special about the mobile u got ?!

o about the E500 .. la tnaqzeen .. wallah mara7 ashtreeh lech :p

MASS said...

duude, am rich in my heart coz i dont have all these wants,,

you ll die if you dont havw a new cell phone :P

Ra-1 said...

judy moody ...

Financy ...
Well it is yellow o fesforee ba3ad :p
it is vodafone by Toshiba, its menu is so cute and no one got the same phone ;)
o aham shay it can type Chineeese LOL

MASS ...
Hahha :)