Monday, June 11, 2007

拜 把

Going to Jeddah inshaAllah to visit my brother :)
الزرعة الخايسة إذا رديت ولقيتها بمكتبي بكسرها على راسهم
P.S. oboy ma yertha agool kelmat (khaysa)
Zai jian :D


kila ma6goog said...

زاي جيان

True Faith said...

إبوج عنده حق

شهالكلمات اللي مالها داعي

خايسه و معفنه



و بعدين إنتي متى تصيرين خوش وحده و تقرين بالديره؟

Ra-1 said...

kila ma6goog ...
zai jian :)

TF ...
eshtabeen :p
تقرين شنو يعني !؟

Financy said...
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Financy said...

bil salamah inshallah

dont forget el ma7al elly geltlich 3anah .. 2nd floor haaa ..

ill put my zar3ah in on ur desk . 3ashan y9eroon two

i say worse words infront of my father

Konechiwaaaaaaaa !!! japanese are cooler than Chinese :p

ليش ما تقرين بالديرة ؟
means " Why don't you read in the country ? " :p LOL

Kuw_Son said...

Have a nice trip :)

Catism said...

Bon voyage :)
تروحين وترجعين بالسلامة إن شاء الله.

Judy Abbot said...

Zai Jian ! konechewa ! makes sense?!


mako zar3a khaysa... lo mo hal zar3a il khaysa chan magedartaw tetnafesoon ya bany al bashar...

yebeeely eyaha

طائر بلا وطن said...

أنا بافهم

انتي متى تقرين؟؟؟


تروحين و ترجعين بالسلامة و سلمي
على يور بروذر بصراحة


Mishari said...

روحة موفنمبك جدة النورس مو طبيعى :)
وتروحين وترجعين بالسلامة

Expatriate said...

waay out of scope of the topic:

Ra1, do you speak Turkish ? if so how difficult do you think for me to learn it ? how long would it take me to learn up to the basic level profeciency ?

If no, does your brother "eb9ara7a" speak it ? what does he think ? have you thought/tried to learn the language ?

Final question: what do you think of Turkey as a country ?

Ansam said...

cool blog.. its pretty interesting :-)

The word khaysa is better than saying other words LOL