Monday, October 22, 2007


How do you know if you are ready for marriage?


ray said...

u don't

that's why there is a "khe6ba" first.

AND it has to be long .. i mean REALLY LONG .. 3-4 MONTHS LONG.

mo ege9on 3al awadem one or two weeks o esamonha khe6ba phase.

and then u'll know.

Anonymous said...

I'm never ready :P

Anonymous said...

even if ur not ready for marriage . and the right person comes .. you will BECOME ready

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

همم مادري والله بس شعور ملموس و تحسه بوضوح

و دام سألتي هالسؤال يعني انتي جاهزة

Purgatory said...

People still get married?

wafa'a said...

بالنسبة للرجل أعتقد في أمور من اللازم ترتيبها قبل لا يقدم على هالخطوة

لكن المرأة , لازم تكون دايما على أهبة الاستعداد :P

" إذا جاءكم من ترضون دينه و خلقه فأنكحوه "

Unknown said...

The question is how can you be ready for marriage! If you're fit o eb 3afiya then el7emdellah and you're pretty much ready! :)

Anwar Al-Ballam said...

heh, can't help u with that one :P

Anonymous said...

by inner feelings that you need someone "else" to share your moments with
when the warmness of family becomes not enough
by an urge to have romantic moments only spouse can provide
by a simple need of having someone from the opposite sex in your life
good luck

Anonymous said...

When you know how to cook machboos :P

Q80-ChillGirl said...

u don't

I some what agree with ray, BUT the khu6ba will not assure honesty! still it will give u a glance of how the future partner would be like, depends on honesty & how smart they are :)

الله يسهل هالامور

الحياة الموت النصيب والرزق مكتوبين :)

Wish you all the best...

NewQ8 Bride said...

your quistion ygooool enah cheenah fee shay ;) enshalah

dear u never know it`s just happend o sub7an alaah y9eer el shay mn geer ma t7seeen

Anonymous said...

لما تكونين متأكدة من طبيعة دورج بهالدنيا :)

هل تحن نعيش لنتزوج ؟! أو نتزوج لنعيش ؟! :))

Yara said...

I agree with new bride very much.. if u want anything any questions ay shay eyey 3ala balich wedich u ask o for any reason teste7en or something.. just ask ana mawjoda... ya wailich etha este7aitay :)

Nooni said...

i think you know... when you get the choice.

are you ready to be women? in the sense of taking care of your health, your mind, the people around you , your career and younger people who will copy every move you do.

Are you responsible yet have a youthful heart ?

Can you forget about your needs sometimes to make others happy?

Are you willing to explain and talk about little things like this kind of mango or that?

Can you plan a good stable financial state for your self and few other people?

Can you express your point of view and make others believe in it without emotional break down?

Can you be a real strong funny beautiful smart women?

if yes.. then you are ready to be part of the productive people in this world, having a happy family and happy kid and a happier you.

This is how i see real women is.

Ra-1 said...

Thanks everyone :)
تعليقاتكم فادتني وايد

qc ...
عيل ماراح أكون جاهزة للأبد :p

Judy ...
ِشنو هذا خرعتيني :)

Nooni said...

اذا كل هذا يخرع عيل اتزوجي واحد غني و عيشي حياتج