Sunday, December 09, 2007

Burger & Party Planner ...


I went to Burger Hub for the first time
It is a nice place and the food is so good
I went with my cousin at around 6 pm
It was empty and quite
They have a VERY long menu, lots of dishes,
You don’t know what to choose
The baby burgers are yummy just like the mini burgers
in Burger boutique
I loved this place and definitely eating there again :)
I always wanted to be a party planner or party coordinator
Whatever they call it
I love preparing parties, shopping for things to decorate,
picking the food, flowers etc.
I enjoy it and I trust my taste :p
My friends take me with them when they shop for gowns
I like it when they take my advice on what shoes to wear
And what hairdo to make and what color of jewelry,
I even like it more when they borrow my stuff
I love making people look pretty
My brothers and cousins always ask me on what gifts
to buy for their wives
I concentrate on how to deliver the gift and on a surprise
more than the gift itself
Coz the place, the way the wife gets her gift,
the unexpected things, the words she read
are all things she would never forget,
She might lost the gift or forget it with time, but the sweet memories
and romantic moments will never go away :)
My brother even told me once 'afkarech 3ajeeba!
fet7ay ma7al tantheem 7aflat o monasabat o afkar 7ag elmofaja'at etc.'
He was serious! It made me smile coz
that is a wish I have long time ago
Anyways, this weekend we had this party it’s a reception
My mom made for our new bride (my sis in law)
My bro asked me to do it and I had to prepare everything
A big party in a hotel all done by me! Wow wanasa
It is like a dream come true :p
I had a less than a month to buy and prepare everything
The bride chose the color purple, I said okay
If it was for me I would choose red and white
so romantic
Red roses, red glasses on white tables and chairs,
white tulips and red details on her sofa etc.
I imagined it in my mind
Well I had to go with purple coz she liked it,
and we are making the party for her
I decided on purple and off white (or creamy),
She asked me to add pink too but I said no, no way
2 colors are enough I don’t like mixing so many colors,
It won’t look elegant plus it’s not a birthday party!
She was thinking between purple and pink
I suggested purple coz in all parties I go I find pink
Pink roses, everything pink, pink, pink!
I picked the cards, simple ones, I wanted something
nicer but there was no time we had 2 print them and
start delivering them
Then I picked the flowers white and purple tulips
(My favorite flower)
plus one more kind of off white and purple flowers,
one centre piece for each table and 2 big ones for her sofa
Then I had to find the perfect sofa to rent,
and I bought 2 big throws to decorate it
My sis suggested mini cupcakes instead of the chocolate,
so we made a special order, purple cupcakes! Vanilla flavor very yummy
Dad got purple candles, candle plates and napkins
My bro ordered a perfume with their names in an elegant purple
boxes as gifts for the guests
I chose the DJ and agreed on everything with him
The photographers, plates, food, everything
It was a very busy week and I got tired but I enjoyed it!
and it was the first experience for a big party
I learned a lot of things
They wanted it to be simple coz it is not a wedding
and I like simplicity coz whenever you add extra stuff
and over decorate it wont look good :/
TF made it to the party although she was very busy
and had to come late
But she came and we had SO much fun ;)
I think she and I were the prettiest and most elegant
girls in the party LOL ebkefee :p
Thanks Daiseya u really made me happy, I hope u had fun :)
At 12:00 midnight our friend (H) turned 26
We sang for her and I took the candle on the table and told her to blow it
Then we started acting crazy and everyone was looking at us
heh :)
When the three of us are together that always happens :p
Little Big couldn’t make it :(
7asafa 6afech estanasna wayed o kan wedee etkoneen ma3annna!
New Bride was there too, she even posted something
about it in her last post,
As I told u, u looked very nice in black ;)
I am still getting msgs from the girls (cousins & friends)
telling me everything was nice and that they had fun
Am so glad, el7emdella
I really wanted things to look nicer and I had many ideas
But there was not enough time for the preparations
So am glad of the good reactions
O aham shay my sis in law and my bro are so happy
of what I did :)
I love them and am proud that they trust me
and asked me to do everything, ma3a enhom yanenonee
with their unstop calls, my bro from Jeddah and she from here,
edegoon o yashbekoon elkha6 o garga 3ala rasee
all day and night asking for the details etc.
Lama akher ayam gomt a7awel my phone voice message
o gamaw edezoon sms, around 5 msgs every minute!
athonee LOL
If anyone would like to see some photos, I have a lot!
Okay back to work :)
wee bagee 45 minutes bas :p


Anonymous said...

you spent all your time writting this post :P

Ra-1 said...

Fast lane ...
Hahahha taqreeban :p

Hasan.B said...

Okay I need help if you dont mind. What can I get for a newly married couple tha just moved to their house? Something really nice:s any ideas?

Unknown said...

ya36eeeeeeech alf 3afiya! you know it does require a lot of talent and energy to get something like that organized and done! You got it mashallah :D

Unknown said...

زاوية مميزة ورائعة ,. بالتوفيق انشا الله



Anonymous said...

I will give you 5 kd .. for you to decorate my office

shrayech ?

NewQ8 Bride said...

mashalah that`s wgy everything was really classy 7adaah kil shaay kaan 7loo o eyanin o a7laa shay kan

Me :P

la walah kil shy kaan 3ajeeb we really had fun and love it

entaaywel girls kentaw waayed 7lweeen

the bride mashalah she was the queen

o by the way the perfume 3ajeeb :) khoosh thooog :)

Yara said...

Wow wanaasaa abi ashof pics:) ya36ich alf 3afiya :)
wainich 3ani last week 3eed melad my husband ma3rft shasawi :( 3ndi exams ma mdani asawi shay.. gelt yemken ayeeb late surprise gift..

I dont think i can handle organizing a big party.. wayed a7ati no3i.. glad everything turned out great :)

LiTTLE BiG said...

mn zoman ma ketabt comment ;p 7ady kent metshawga ena ayeee wa 7ady kent abee ashof sheno sawatay wa ba3ad 3alshan ur sister in law bs 9arat '6orof ma 5altny ayeee ;s GLad coz u had Fun wa everything was ok =D el baraka fech tewareny el 9ewar ;p
I need ur help in something ;p

::heba:: said...

مشالله متعدده المواهب
ra-1 :D
الله يتمم عليك هالفرحه انشالله
وصج يبيلج تفتحين محل ترى بالكويت الشغلات هذي عليها طلب كبيييييييير

وانا بكون اول زباينج احب الافكار الحلوة;)

موفقه : )

Ra-1 said...

Hasan.B ...
If you know them well (close friends or family), you better ask them for what they need,
something they didn’t buy yet for the new home, TV for example.
If you can’t ask or don’t want to, I suggest a lampshade (something like this
for the living room or guests room.
You can also get something for the kitchen (coffee maker, toaster, tea set, etc.)
Don’t forget to nicely rap them and add a congratulation card :)
Let me know if you want something not for the house!

N. ...

Ra-1 said...

عادل القلاف ...
شكرا :)

Murqab ...
Does that mean you like my office?

New Bride ...
Wanasteenee :D 7abeebty mashkoora :*

Ra-1 said...

Yara ...
Yimken? Actually you HAVE TO!
latsaween party bas plz get him a late B-day gift! kesar kha6ree :p
He will be so happy coz now he is not expecting it, right?

LiTTLE BiG ...
Aham shay (mn zoman) LOL! hathee belekwetee? :p
7adech maleeqa ma yeetay!

::heba:: ...
جان زين :)

True Faith said...

"I think she and I were the prettiest and most elegant
girls in the party LOL ebkefee :p" << ya sheen il nas illi yetlazigoon :P '3a9ib ana weyach la2 ana bas :P

the party was nice, and the decorations was not expected to be by you!! mo anaqi9 min gadrich bas I know how quite you are o kil marrah ti6li3een ib shay '3air motwaqa3; bas lil asaf I can't assign you for our parties because we have the most talented woman (my mum), o tadreen maybe 3ers Boodi since you love him :P

I tried my best as I promised you and fortunately made it, and saw that big smile of satisfaction on your face :D

Yara said...

ee .. ana gaylatla sorry same7ni eni i couldnt get anything he knows im under alot of pressure exams o loya.. oho gali latyebenli shay bs a3zmech 3ala ma63am

Ra-1 said...

TF ...
Yes I love Boodi :) sometimes :p

Yara ...
You can book a room in a hotel or resort as a surprise :)