Friday, December 21, 2007

Worst Eid ever!

Family: Dad, sis & bro emsafreen.
Friends: TF emsafra.
Me: Thick socks, winter pajama, covered with my blanket
even when am walking around the house,
since first day of Eid after coming back from the
family Eid lunch and until now :(
The cough is unbearable! I feel like my heart was going out with it!
cant stop coughing, cant sleep,cant eat,
Now am feeling much better el7emdella,
am still coughing but not as as much as before,
Still I cant leave home especially with this very cold weather :/
The doctor asked me to do x-rays then he told me
you have (tahayoj bel sho3ab alhawa'eya)!
I don't know what does that mean!!!
and I don't know what is it in English LOL
I know that I don't smoke :p walla!
My friends went out yesterday and today,
so did my cousins and my brothers
wana maskeena missed all the fun
egolonlee (maleeqa! lesh tamretheen bel3eed)
LOL ana ebkefee ya3nee?
a9lan ana akthar wa7da kent excited for these 6 days off
and had alot of plans!

InshaAllah a9eer a7san tomorrow, I want to go out :(
Work is on Monday, we are starting this new project with
a company that I met in GITEX
My boss sent me an sms yesterday asking me to reply to
some emails they sent
working from home feels great :p
I have 2 check my work email everyday during this eid holiday
A lot of work coming up, am so excited coz whenever we have a project
I have to handle everything and there wont be any free time
to feel bored plus time moves fast,
I don't like the long boring days at work
Yeah and forgot to say that my annual evaluation result came out
and my salary has increased :D
إي وعيدكم مبارك


Inssan said...

سلامات و مأجوره ان شاء الله

Yara said...

weee salamaat ;/ matshofen shar... Dont worry ur not missing anything bara kela za7maaaaa,, and great news about ur salary alf mabrook 3oqbal CEO :)

DanDash said...

عيدج مبارك

و ماتشوفين شر ان شاء الله

خذي قفشة عسل وايد زينه و اذا تقدرين حطي معاها قفشة صغيره حلبة اي ادري حلبة بس ماعاتقد في احد كثري مايستحملها بس خذيتها و الله وحده بوحده و اذا ماقدرتي عليها اكتفي بالعسل

ماعليج شر ان شاء الله

Catism القطويّة said...

أجرا وعافية
طهور إن شاء الله

Anonymous said...

ماتشوفين شر اجر و عافيه .. و اليوم صج برد .. و مبروك على الزياده تعويض عن العطله الي اختربت لول

NewQ8 Bride said...

حياتي ما تشوفين شر :)

بعد قلبي انشالله تعوضينها هيهيه

امي مثلج عشان جذي انا ما طلعت وايد قاعده معاها :)

الله كريم

عيدج مبارك

eshda3wa said...

3eedich imbarak!
mabrook 3ala the salary raise!!

oo inshallah u feel better soooon!

loco said...

3edeech ombaarak wa 3asach min 3awadah enshallah

OutOfReach said...

3eedech mbarak o0 ayamech s3eeda ;)
ma tshofeen shar :))
inshallah ur feeling better now :)

الحارث بن همّام said...

اي والله العيد بدون الأم والاب ماله طعم

أمي وابوي مسافرين بعد

عيدكم مبارك

iliveinq8 said...

3endena o 3endich khair!!

rabi3 3eeed ma a3ayed feeh ella ma3a el dawam! 3 days at work ma 6ala3t ella awal yom el 3eed LUNCH time bas! 7etta yamma3t 20KD 3edeya lol!

Anonymous said...

Mai'7alif, inshallah next time :P
3eedich embarek Ra-1!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that I am out of Kuwait as well :p

Ammaro said...

salamat dear hope you feel better by now, and dont worry, inshala the next eids are better :p

Ra-1 said...

Thanks a lot everyone :)

Anonymous said...

3eedch embarek :)

Ra-1 said...

أيامك سعيدة :)