Tuesday, August 12, 2008

مراسلتكم من هونج كونج :)

I am still in Hong Kong
It doesnt feel like it is part of China at all!
7abeet China akthar! abee aroo7 :/
ماراح أكتب شنو سويت والمغامرات إلي صارت
أحطهم مع الصور لما أرجع إن شاءالله
Yesterday I went to Disney Land
This is the 3rd Disney Land I visit :)
The first one was Disney world in Orlando, Florida
The second one was Euro Disney in Paris
Disney Land, Hong Kong is the smallest
we finished it in one day!
I am so glad that I went out with TF
before I travelled
It was the first time time I see her
after her wedding in May!
I love you Daiseyya :)
LittleBig I miss you so SO much
the past 2 weeks were so much fun ;) hehhe
Mom is going to visit my bro in Jeddah
She never travels when I am in Kuwait
that is not fair :p


LiTTLE BiG said...

I missed u akthar walla ;* yalla meta terj3en ;S
لا تعذبني و إلا سرت و تركت المكلا

Anwar Al-Ballam said...

keep updating plz i like it :P

also tell what program do u use to write on ur images ?
is it PS ?

ManalQ8 said...

Have a nice time


ManalQ8 said...


can you please email me.

True Faith said...

blogger isn't blocked there??

I'm glad that we managed to meet too :)

Big Pearls said...

have a great time

باغي الشهادة said...

terj3een bessalama enshaallah

Do u know that when you say just "ma" in chines has 4 different meanings!
3a 7asab alla7en wa 6areqat n6quha

Ra-1 said...

LiTTLE BiG ...
LOL oosh :p

Anwar Al-Ballam ...
Yes I use Photo Shop :)

Ra-1 said...

ManalQ8 ..
Thank you!
I did email you :)

TF ...
Finally it is unblocked:D

Ra-1 said...

Big Pearls ...
Thank you :)

باغي الشهادة ...
إي وايد كلمات جذي
wo hanhaw
hanhaw cho
أتكلم صيني ترا :D