Monday, August 04, 2008

Some Liars Will Escape Judgement In This World But Not In The Afterlife.

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Coryn. His family was poor and lived everyday with only one meal as his father was cheated by Coryn's evil uncle, Lionel. Coryn was a poor and an unfortunate boy who had no experience with love. His parents said that when the time was right, God will provide one for him the way He has provided food for the birds of the sky. Coryn believed and always obeyed his mother and he was a very happy boy. Eventhough they were poor, they were happy and live harmoniously as a family. This made Coryn's evil uncle Lionel angry.

However, one day, Coryn was helping Mummy to run some errands when he heard a faint melody sweeter than the bird. Hypnotized by the sweet melancholic sound, he draw nearer to it and was hooked. Coryn then saw a innocent looking girl by the river singing to herself. The girl was aware she was being watched and beckon Coryn to come nearer. Coryn was then confused as he remembered his mother's advice not to approach strangers.Nevertheless, due to curiosity, he gingerly approached her. Then after, the girl named Lynnie started a conversation with Coryn. Unknowingly, Lynnie was a girl who had just lost a loved one who broke her heart. Lynnie was actually uncle Lionel's illegitimate child from an affair.

Four months have past. Coryn and Lynnie went against their parents wishes and were together. Coryn loved Lynnie and Lynnie convinced Coryn that they will be together, growing old and happily with one another, being honest with one another. Naively, Coryn believed her and forsook his parents advise. From that day onwards, Coryn was in an illusion that he was happy but when actually he was suffering to please Lynnie and at the same time his family had many arguments as Coryn kept secrets from them. His family eventually tore apart.

One day, Coryn went to Lynnie's house and saw his uncle Lionel talking to Lynnie. He eavesdropped and heard Lynnie say"Don't worry, all is at plan. His family is now suffering. You promised me money if I could make his family miserable right?"Uncle Lionel said, "Yes. But I want to the extend that Coryn disgrace his parents!""It'll be done. Don't worry!"

Those words were enough to make tears run down Coryn's eyes. He ran home and explained to his mother his sins for the past four months. His mother was understanding and supported him through it all.

Coryn then asked for a break up. Lynnie arrogantly said to him, "You are not good enough for me too. It was all planned from the beginning and all the promises made was just to make you obsessed with me"Downcast, Coryn went home but was comforted by his family that stood with him through it all.Coryn learned that family and parents are always there for him and that their advice break through the web of lies and unsincere love.