Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Speechless ...

He called and told me he has a serious heart problem
and started explaining it then said that he
might have a heart attack any minute!
How did I react?
What did I tell him?
a comforting word?
something to give him hope?
give him strength?
make him think and feel positive?
I was speechless :/
I didn't know what to say!
There are moments in life when I get speechless
I hear bad news
I get shocked
I can cry with someone crying
I can cry even if the person is not crying
instead of being strong for someone
I can’t say a word
I hide myself and avoid facing that person
It is embarrassing
I think it makes them feel like I am not helping at all
Or that I don’t care!
This makes me remember when my friend's sister
died years ago
Days later my friend told me
"Ra-1 you cried more than I did"
I looked at her, and thought
I should have been stronger
I even remember going to her house right after the accident and I stood near the door looking at her and my friends were pushing me to go hug her
I was scared I wanted to run away and not see her like that
I don't know why I do that :/
but everyone react differently when hearing bad news


Someday said...

yes sweety, every one is different, but for me my reaction is like yours and a bit worse, it would take couple of days for me to fully understand what has happened, so I'd be quite calm at the beginning and later I'd be a disaster
for you, even if you can't say something, but you can go and hug and look and make those gestures which can say hell alot,
allah yshafyyh enshallah

KarKoor said...

Just say matshoof shar, and thats it. at the end normally people will react to these things depending on how close the person is to them.

ManalQ8 said...

Right Rawan
Me too
and I guess many people do the same

When I saw my brother-in-law laying on the street after a bike accident
I throw everything was on my hand
and sat down on the street
and crying

my tears is always waiting for tick to come down

Aurous said...

It's natural!
Some ppl just can't react in this kind of situation, or it takes the more time to take it in :)

Cat said...

Hathy radat fe3l 6abee3eya :*

Delicately Realistic said...

Dont worry its perfectly normal. I react like that and i feel anything say sounds stupid and redundant.

Allah yshafi insha Allah :)

eshda3wa said...

everyone reacts differently
there isnt a right way or a wrong way to react!
dont be hard on urself babe

oo allah ykoon eb3oonah oo yashfeeh

Mishari said...

خوش موضوع

عن نفسي تعلمت شلون امتص اي صدمة واخلي تفريغ الشحنة بعدين ويفضل اكون بروحي

علشان على الاقل احاول اكون متماسك جدام الغير اللى من الممكن يكونون معتمدين على

مشكورة على الموضوع :)

Anwar Al-Ballam said...

that's the human nature within you.

Big Pearls said...

yeah each of us react differently..it is normal dear

Ra-1 said...

Someday ...
Thank you

KarKoor ...
I tried to say matshoof shar bas elkelma mo rathya te6la3 :/

Ra-1 said...

ManalQ8 ...
And what happened to him? :(
About the tears ... same here!

Aurous ...

Ra-1 said...

Cat ...

Delicately Realistic ...

Ra-1 said...

eshda3wa ...
There is no right or wrong way, this is what I wanted to know :)

Mishari ...
حياك الله :)

Ra-1 said...

Anwar Al-Ballam ...
Yeah I guess

Big Pearls ...
Glad it is

ManalQ8 said...

والله الحمد لله
جات سليمة

بس 3 غرز بالجبهه

Ra-1 said...

الحمدلله :)