Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ألوان خشبية

زوروا معرضنا في "كويتي وافتخر" ز


أرض المعارض الدولية
Hall 8

17, 18, 19 March

Wednesday & Thursday : 10 am to 2 pm 
4 pm tp 9:30 pm

Friday : 2 pm to 8 pm

تي شيرتات غريبة
للشباب والبنات والأطفال
وأساور وخواتم عجيبة

حياكم الله
See you!


Just A Bunch said...

elyom re7t bs maligaitkum! lool

in sha Allah a6ee7 3alaikum bacher ;)

Bitawfeeg :)

New Bride said...

had so much fun with u :) wish u all the best

ام بيبي said...

الخواتم صج عجيييبه كل من ين عليها

Ra-1 said...

just a bunch ...
Thanks for coming again today :) and it was nice meeting you!
You are so sweet :*

Ra-1 said...

new bride ...

thank u for your time and support :*
love you!

Ra-1 said...

Om Bibi ...

9ej? Wanasa :D
i made one for a girl younger than Bibi, the ring was tiny and cute :p

Btw, Bibi etshaweg mashaAllah :)

Shaikha said...

Very intriguing!
Will pass by today, amazing ideas I hear they have this year.
Best of luck to you :)

Just A Bunch said...

You're welcome, Rawan, u were sweet too, just like i expected u to be ^^

im loving the bracelet i got, will post about it soon ;)

God bless ^^,

Ra-1 said...

Shaikha ...

Thank you :)

Ra-1 said...

Just A Bunch ...

glad u liked it :D