Thursday, March 11, 2010

Occasion? no Occasion? it's one destination

This is not the first time that I order something from
but it is the first time to post something about it 
باختصار صار من مواقعي المفضلة إلي أحبهم
I totally recommend this online shopping store
They have many creative items and cute ideas for gifts
You can also find awesome Kuwaiti gifts in "Kuwaiti Tradition" section
They have nice gift wrapping and greeting cards

Orders will be delivered next day
but they did deliver to me twice on 
the same day after I asked them to
Thank you Hadeya Station  :)


Anonymous said...

Oh no ! they stole my idea ! :P

Can I send the gift to the person directly ? wela lazim they deliver it to me ?

Anonymous said...

ويد حلو الموقع

Anonymous said...

karkoor : you can send directly to the person and they will send the bill to u ;) .. they are really great and professional :D