Sunday, July 17, 2011

crabtree & evelyn

توني أدري ان افتحوا بالكويت

شفت المحل صدفة بالافنيوز

وقالوا لي صارله ثلاث شهور مبطل

حدي استانست لأن في

Room Spray

أحبه وايد أبوي اييب لي اياه من أمريكا

حلو حق الغرفة وحتى الملابس

عاد سيده رحت دورته ولقيته خذيت اثنين


Summer Hill

كنت مستعيلة فما شفت شغلات ثانية

بس يبي لي زيارة ثانية إن شاءالله لأن شغلهم كله عجيب :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

ومازلت أحب مشاركة مدونتي بالكثير من الأمور

I hope everybody is enjoying their summer!

I just came back from Dubai. Looks like it is going to be my last trip before being a mother inshaAllah :)
Check out my new mug :D

Photo taken at "Ra1 Photo Studio"

Photos from Dubai ...

This was taken in Wild Wadi - Jumaira Beach


Our luggage at the airport


Choowy Goowy opened in Dubai Mall

تشوفون علامته الصفرة فوق


Burj Al arab

photo taken by iphone from our room in Jumaira Beach Hotel

It is funny how I am experienced with kids but have no experience at all with babies!

And I am still insisting on not having a nanny

So let's see how my life will be lol
Everybody incuding my mom is against this idea but at least my husband is supporting this and encouraging me :)
I believe that women are smart and powerfull and I hope that I will not give up.

Many people raised their kids with no help from a stranger.

Well not many in Kuwait! but why not set an example!
I am not saying it is going to be easy but inshaAllah

it wont be as hard as people are telling me :)
Okay one more photo!