Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I am stuck in here!!!

I finally arrived to Jakarta airpot .
Now it is 1 am and we are supposed to be at our other flight to Kuwait right now!
but it is delayed! 7 full hours and no hotel!
One of our Indonesian friends (Ir7am) came, the girls ( DJ, Hafsaand Pipit) were on the way when dad knew and got angry (eshlon banat ebro7hom bellel its very late tell them to go back home)
mesakeen bechaw!
7aram :p
Now they say
irplane is stuck in Colombo because of the weather
and here there is flood!
Someone help meeee :(
I took these photos just now
ماكو شغل

joteyee lem3afen
7eta malee khelg a9awer mithl enas


True Faith said...
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True Faith said...


I did it in Tayef airport last year when coming back from Hajj; it was a saudi clumsy airport and I slept on four seats :P I have sinned :P

and 3ami santa claus zain eysawi feehum ! ma a7ibhum :P

Ra-1 said...

LOL! ams Chineseyeen gayleenla santa!
now he is telling me (lazem anam at least 1 hour) on the couch!!! can u imagine :(
sheno '3ayrana minhom :p

Purgatory said...

Poor kid, all alone without dimdim and fitfit.

Just relax and spend time surfing and eating.

True Faith said...

7elwa Chineseyeen :P

It was me who first called him santa so 7q00q el6ab3 ma7foo'6a :P

and no I'm not jealous of them; I don't like Pipit esemha mo 7elo :P (I'm talking like Boodi in such situations :P)

Ra-1 said...

Purg ...
hahha! 3ad malee khelg ath7ak :)

TF ...
Heh okay! time to sleep, will try :/

Ensan basee6 said...

alah e3eeenich lo ana menech aroo7 watmasha wa9awer al mesakeen ele bel ma6ar bel salama inshallah moqadaman

BLaSha said...

/me hugs you, jus listen to ur iPod and chat till the time of ur flight dear :* time flies bser3a

Ra-1 said...

ensan basee6 ...
hal ma6ar mahjoor! mashoof nas :/

Blasha ...
my ipod is dead :(
el7emdella I got my dad's laptop :p

Al-Hanbali said...

as-salamuy aleykum\
when ever i come vist yr blog yr in somwhere weird
subhan Allah..

no worries its nuthin, inshaAllah

Kuw_Son said...

الصور واضحة ان ما عندج شغل ^_^

Ra-1 said...

alhanbali ...
wa alikum asalam
lol! am in Kuwait el7emdella :)

Kuw_son ...
e 3ajeebeen :p

طائر بلا وطن said...

الحمدلله على السلامة

قرت عين اللي يحبونج

مغامرات والله .. مو هينة

kila ma6goog said...

jotyech ythayeg el khulg


chenna labcheen maradoona gabl la yensheher:P

True Faith said...

Kila ma6goog

I love your comment :P I will buy her a new pair :P

Nescafé said...

الحمدلله على السلامه

تصدقين عاد عجبوني الصور

Ra-1 said...

طائر بلا وطن ...
Allah esalmik :D

kila ma6goog ...
True Faith ...
eshtaboon! its a Diesel o shareeta '3alee! bas kil safra akhtha o China makes shoes black shasawee ya3nee :p

Nescafé ...
مدام اعجبوج
خلاص حبيتج