Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Goodnight ...

Last week and this week are so much fun and full of adventures (as usual :p)
especially ma3a el3e6la el3ajeeba ...
I wont talk about that right now coz I need a plenty of time to write and post many photos, u know everything is documented ;)
مرت خالي مسافرة فكنت أنام عند ولدها يويو
طبعا خذيت له وايد صور
أمس رجعت بيتنا واليوم اتصلت علي بتمدد السفرة وقالت لازم أنام عنده
كاني رجعت بيتهم
يويو راح ينام توه بس طبعا مايبي يروح المدرسة باجر
آنا مادري متى بنام وعندي دوام !

The best thing is opening my eyes in the morning and the first thing I see is this cute cousin Allah ya7fetha :)
wait for my stories about the camp & hospital, the lost cats, and the food elevator :p
Oh forgot to tell u I have a new dog :) Julie!


Ensan basee6 said...

ماشاءالله عليه الله يحفظه من كل شر
العطله حلوه و كسر للروتين اليومي

Al-Hanbali said...

why do you call a dog julie?

True Faith said...

A new dog? Julie?

Ra-1 said...

ensan basee6 ...
الله يسلمك :)

al-hanbali ...
Our farmer did not me :p

TF ...
Eee :D

Al-Hanbali said...

MashAllah farmer 5 stars

Ra-1 said...


Kuw_Son said...

baby sitter :P

camp and hospital .. action
lost cat .. comedy
the food elevator .. mystry :P

waiting those movies :P


bojsoom said...

يحليله الله يحفظه لكم ..

ويهدي ويثبته ويصير قائد يوم من الأيام :) ..

تحياتي لكم / بوجسووم

Ra-1 said...

Kuw_Son ...
Not exactly!
camp and hospital ... drama
lost cat ... action
the food elevator .. comedy

bojsoom ...
long time!
مشكور على الدعوة :)

LinG-BLinG said...

Mashallah so cute!!
allah e'7aleeh likom!
Mabrook 3la el new dog ;)