Thursday, March 08, 2007

My younger brother and sister :)

At work ...

my brother who lives with me at the same house! called,
bro : Ra-1 entay emsafra ?
Ra-1 : min 9ijik?
bro : Eee 3abalee emsafra min ziman ma shiftich!
Ra-1 : ya3nee basafir o ma asalim 3alek ?!

LoL ! it was strange how he was serious about it!!!

At home ...
sis : hey cutie pie when did u get ur first marriage proposal?
Ra-1 : huh? what is this question!

sis : yalla tell me
Ra-1 : when I was 17
sis : Oh! I only have till May!
Ra-1 : what are u talking about?
sis: I am 17 and will be 18 on May inshaAllah, so I have about 3 months I should get a marriage proposal during !
Ra-1 : hahha u cant be serious :p
sis: I must break ur record
Ra-1 : LOL u wont break it, only we will be having the same score (first proposal at 17) :p
sis: well okay at least same as u! My chance is the coming big party, I should get one proposal at least, I just need onnne !
Ra-1 : good luck :)
The next day I come back home, get into my room and find one of my party dresses on my bed!
mom: your sis was trying it, she wants to wear it for the party. is that okay?
Ra-1 : yeah okay and let her keep it, I dont wear it anymore! but we all got new dresses for this party, why doesnt she want to buy a new one? why wear my dress which I have used before!
mom: I dunno
Ra-1 : I think I know ;) heh



Kuw_Son said...

I figured it out .. its all about your party dress looooooooooooooool

True Faith said...

I have always thought of this sister as clever; but after this, I change my mind!!

mishari said...

hehehehe i have many things to say

1- she cant break your record coz i think the teenagers cant find this chance in recent days

wayed ashya2 tghyert

bs salfa al dress tedh7k , is she think that she will be lucky if she wear :P

Ra-1 said...

TF ...
LOL 7aram 3alech :)

Mishari ...
Maybe she thinks that my dresses are part of making people love me so much that thye would propose :p

chatterbox said...

اي والله صايرين كل الناس جذي ساكنين بنفس البيت ومايشوفون بعض

طبعا الحفلات والاعراس احسن مكان حق هالسوالف

Ra-1 said...

Chatterbox ...
إي ملاقة لما إتيي وحدة تقعد يمج وتسوي لج تحقيق :p

cosimfree911 said...

ee walaah alwa7ed 9ar chenaa sakenfe hotel mo bait

ya7lelhaa wlaaa
golelhaa la7gaa 3alaa hal sowalf oo alzawaj hathee 17 oo et7atee alzawaaj 3ail ethaa 9art 20 shenoo betsawee ;)

Ra-1 said...

Cosimfree ...
هاهها إي الله يستر
آنا لما كنت كبرها تفكيري تفكير يهال مو جذي :/