Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am going to miss ...

I dont know why I never wrote anything about work, the place I spend most of my day in ...
Why am I writing this now? Hmm maybe because I am seriously thinking about quitting and looking for a different job in a different place. Three years I spent here, I think its enough. Time for a change.
Weird, funny, disgusting, sad, happy, (etc.) things happen at work everyday, especially that I work for 8 hours and many times I stay more! The IT department is where I work and the only girl in it. Actully there are only 2 other girls in the company both not in my department. The company I work in has different nationalities. The working environment is like home, we all work together in unity, if i leave am gonna miss them all.
I will miss hearing funny conversations all the time! like ...
Kuwaity : Do u want flake?
Indian : What is it?
Kuwaity: It is fruit, kind of fruit.
LOL :p
I will miss expecting someone coming into my office every 10 minutes.
Ra-1 can I have candy? Ra-1 abee 7alaw ! Ra-1 3indich kakaw?
(I know they are gonna miss having a jam3eyya :p which is ME)
I will miss being the tourist guide!
A: Ra-1 bawadee ahalee Australia plz 3a6enee places to go.
Ra-1: bas ana ray7a in 1998!
A: mikhalef akeed el amaken same
Ra-1 : okay ayeeblek my Australia trip file
B (tawa raje3 min China): Ra-1 lesh ma giltelee !
Ra-1 : shino
B: kil mokan cloesd in China
Ra-1 : Eee its the chinese new year al7een
B: lesh ma giltelee
Ra-1: enta ma gitlee betroo7 China!
C: Ray7a Thailand?
Ra-1 : No
C: enzen galolee entay cameras professional
Ra-1 : just a beginner :p
C: enzen safretee bacher o I need a memory card ... etc
I wont forget hearing them saying that I am:
- Quiet
- Mysterious (heard it alot!)
am gonna miss many emlployees coming to my office every month to see the new photo on my calendar (malgofeen :p)
Am gonna miss my colored office full of posters :)
Am gonna miss ete6enez welhoshat welez3aj (MEN!)
Am gonna miss el bal3a :p
and being the one who write the orders list heh
today morning awal ma we9alt elcompany gabel madish maktebee wela asma3,
D: Ra-1111 !
Ra-1 : na3am
D: tabeen shay min second cup?
(ebgalbee : bismilla min e9eb7)
Ra-1 : la mashkoor
Am not fat and I dont look fat! I wonder why do they always ask me whenever they want to order food!!! :p
elmoshkila now kilma a6leb el "chicken club sandwich" algaha emkhal9a! kila menee sawet laha de3aya now everyone is ordering it o mako for me :/
Am gonna miss the quiz contests and being the winner everytime ;) also am gonna miss them asking me to tell them my answers since they know am gonna win :p
Am gonna miss the entertainment days and all of us looking different wearing casual sports clothes


Purgatory said...

Good choice, you need a change, pick somewhere nice

eshda3wa said...

if u like it so much
and its just like home
then why change?

goodluck in whatever u choose to do

Kuw_Son said...

ooolllllaaah !! u will miss all that funny and interesting things !! and u r thinking of quiting !!?

any way .. good luck :)

True Faith said...

You will miss them indeed and they will miss you more for sure. But I kind of agree with Purgy it is good to change.

Judy Abbott said...

now you wited 3 years you can't wait for another two?

good luck girl.

Ra-1 said...

Purg ...
inshaAllah :)

eshda3wa ...
Kuw_Son ...
There is a reason why I dont want to stay besides 3 years same place! mallet :/

Ra-1 said...

TF ...
I like to change :)

Judy ...
why wait 2 more years ?!

Dunes said...

أول مرة أشوف أحد يحب شغله ومايتحلطم، ماشالله
والله ورفعتي معنوياتي بعد ماتحبطت

They seem to be so friendly

kila ma6goog said...

تشتغلين ببيدزا هات؟


جووود لك

kella met2a5er said...

I think you should go head and have this change in your life..its good to move up in your life, GooD LucK R1.

la bs 3ajeba enty how you wrote in one of the Converstations" R11111" loooool, sheno ya3ny ye9ar5oon wella yenadonech hehe cool.

chatterbox said...

الاحسن انج تطلعين وانتي مرتاحة من المكان قبل لا تملين عشان يصير عندج ذكريات حلوة واصدقاء تمرين عليهم :)
اتمنى لج التوفيق :)

Ra-1 said...

Dunes ...
الحمدلله :)

kila ma6goog ...
eshdarrak ?

Ra-1 said...

kella met2a5er ...
إي كان يناديني بصوت عالي :p

chatterbox ...
Thanks sweetie :)

Flamingoliya said...

why quit when everything seems perfect there! it's not easy finding a good place with such nice people, believe me! wel malal isn't a good reason!

Ra-1 said...

Flamingoliya ...
I know sweetie but there is another reason :/

Financy said...

LOOL .. aham shay salfat el Flake ..

personally .. i dont think u will find a place like ur place .. friendly decent place .. and VERY flexiable o not strict .. o to be realistic .. girls dont really hold senior positions easily .. like president o this place .. or vice president .. its rare , in the future girls get married o get busy with kids and home and dont want to have a demanding work place on her back ..

well paid , relaxed .. thats the important thing

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