Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanks dad, you made my day :)

Last night dad told me "etyeen Jakarta? I am going next week inshaAllah"
I didnt get excited like everytime! I didnt say akeeed! heyya!
instead I was silent thinking ...
He said "adree dawamech kil mara esawonlich salfa 3al ejaza! la tet7asefeen its just 5 or 6 days ma teswa, kheshay ejaztech o ta3alelee amreeka bi9ef or etha tabeen awadeech mokan thanee"
Now I dont know what to decide! I dont know what to do :'(
I wanna go see my Indonesian friends especially that one of them her birthday was last week,
I did call her but didnt send a gift yet, I can just send the gifts with dad and not go.
But since am planning to quit this job as soon as I find another one, why dont I take 5 days from my credit, then in August I might be in my new job then I can have many leave days, right?
I am still not sure about anything. Me working is a mistake!!!
I used to go everywhere with dad, we decide today, book right away, pack and travel in the nearest flight, we dont think alot and dont take time to decide.
Now I have a job and I cant do whatever I want whenever I want :(
Of course I called TF and talked, talked, talked, then slept with tears as usual :p
Today morning I walked out of my room half asleep, saw dad and he gave me a big kiss and since his face and beard were full of water (has just washed his face), my cheek got wet then dad laughed at me and said "lesh ga3da tabcheen?" hehhe :)
I then got ready for work carried my 3 bags! and went downstairs,
there I found my dad cooking! He is invited for breakfast at his friend's place, so he was making something to take with him.
Daddy is a great cook mashaAllah!
His daughte is great too, she can't make an egg :p
We talked a bit, he made me laugh again then I left to work with a big smile.
In the car my fingers typed this in my cell phone
"baba I love you :*" and pressed Send!



Financy said...

mashallah , ur dad Zgirty :p

uTMoST said...

7adddaaa iyanen MASHALAAH!Allah eykhlaeeh Lekum :D
ana agol keshtay bldawam n safrai , alzam ma3laich wanastich!:P

Hitman1 said...

uhhhh nothing like a daughter love to her dad

طائر بلا وطن said...

بنت بطوطة

يا رب يخليه لكم
يعطيكم من القلب و تعطونه

بعدين ليش ما طالعة على يور دادي ؟

Ra-1 said...

Financy ...
Heh thanks :)

utmost ...
حبيتج أكثر ;p

Smile said...

الله يخليه لج ان شاء الله
سافري سافري سافري سافري سافري


Ra-1 said...

Haitham ...

طائر ...
الله يسلمك :)

أهو حاول فيني ماكو فايدة :p

Ra-1 said...

Smile ...
Hehe inshaAllah :)

:: ENG DaLooLa :: said...

Waiii 7ada ma 3ndich salfa..tylich sfra tgolen laha la2 ;p

3gbal t9eren a great cook :P

:: ENG DaLooLa :: said...
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Q8links said...


الله يخليلكم الوالد ويطول بعمره

Ra-1 said...

:: ENG DaLooLa :: ...
توني مسافرة شهر كامل !
بس شكلي بروح :p

Q8links ...
الله يسلمك :)