Friday, April 06, 2007

What is going on!?

قرأنا في المدونات بالأسبوعين الماضيين
عن موضوع إيقاف برنامج ديوانية الأسبوع
وأن السبب هو حلقة المدونات التي لا يريدون بثها
نظرية المؤامرة !؟
ولكن تبين العكس
حيث أن الحلقة ستبث يوم الأثنين هذا الأسبوع !!!
أفكر في هذه الأسئلة من فترة
هل ستضرب أمريكا إيران كما هو واضح!؟
هل ستكون الضربة في 6 أو 7 من هذا الشهر !!؟؟؟ أي اليوم أو غدا
هل ستتأثر الدول المحيطة؟
هل ستكون حربا شاملة؟
متى ستنتهي وكيف!؟


Purgatory said...

go ride a horse or something, why bother with such stuff.

Ra-1 said...

LOL Purg! okay am going out :)

Financy said...

what time is the episode going to air ? which channel ?

and about Iran and America , i think Iran is a tougher enemy than Iraq , Iran ga3da men muddah t-hawesh 3ala America , o America khayfah menhom.

o etha 9akkat bainhom . it would be a TOUGH TOUGH war 7adhah on America . o for what ? bs 3ashan Iran has nuclear weapons ? ma teswa el salfa hal huge risk. its not like Iran bombed an american embassy or something. Iran doesnt even threat america with terrorists . unlike Sunni countries

* 9adag 3omrah mo7alel seyasy :p *

True Faith said...

You have been spending to much time with "H" lately !!!!

Hitman1 said...

The United States will not allow Iran to own a nuclear weapon. Be it by diplomatic ways or by military action.

Now what would be the consequences of such a hit? That's an open question as Iran are not stupid enough to go on a full scale war against the US alone. But the might retaliate in other ways like hitting certain targets in Iraq and Kuwait.

BloBoz said...
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BloBoz said...

You can find the answer for your questions on Ebay?!

P.S Gowa =)

Ra-1 said...

Financy ...
Monday, KTV, 10 pm I think!
and Iran is a stubborn country, that is what I like about it!

TF ...
3ad et9adgeen I talked to her about this war and what is happening now o galatlee wana eshfenee ma adree 3an shay!? LOL

Ra-1 said...

Hitham (thats how I always read it) ...

welcome to my blog :)

Bloboz !!!
nice to see you here :)
how is Ebay related?