Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cell phone Tagg!

1. Grab your phone: kahoo :p

2. What kind is your phone: Samsung E490

3. Who’s the first name that comes up under letter M: Mama

4. Last person you called: شخصية معروفة

5. Last missed call: the same VIP :p

6. 2nd name that comes up under letter D: Daisy

7. Speed dial 2: nothing

8. 3rd name that comes up under J: I only have 1 name under J which is Jumana

9. Last received call: My brother

10. Speed dial 4: nothing

11. What does your banner say: KT MTCNet

12. Number of text msgs: 19 !

13. Background: two cherries

14. Speed dial 1: Voice Mail

15. 5th sms says: أعتذر عن الحضور

16. First name that comes up under B: Baba

17. How many bars of signal do you have: Full

18. Last text msg from: My friend Aisha

19.Name all the persons you have text msgs from: wayed!

20. 9th person on recent calls: My cousin 3abood

21. 6th msg says: assalamu alaikum. kaefa halukum? wa kaefa sihhatu ... ? hal hunaka khobar an elmurasalah?

22. First name in phonebook: Abrar

23. Last name in phonebook: 99 resturant :p

24. Do you have a camera phone: yup

25. Last name under G: I only have 1 name which is Ghaneema

26. Last text msg says:
الشيخ د.سيد نوح دخل غيبوبة ادعوا له بالشفاء

27. Most text msgs sent to: I dont save my sent msgs!

28: Ring tone: ring tone 10 :)

and again I tagg ...
كل واحد فاضي وما عنده شغل


loyalty said...

cool =)

صج سيد نوح بغيبوبة!!
من متى؟

Anwar Al-Ballam said...

who's the VIP :P

Ra-1 said...

Loyalty ...
من اليوم أتوقع :/
الله يشافيه

Anwar ...
someone :)

Kuw_Son said...

اللي شدني خبر الدكتور !!

لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله ..

أسأل الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم أن يشفيه

Ra-1 said...

Kuw_Son ...