Monday, July 23, 2007

The weirdest summer ...

It started already!
And I wonder what else is going to happen!!!
I made a big decision and decided to spend the summer in a boarding school in Mecca! (Yeah me :p)
It is a Qur'an school, I thought of it seriously, I stopped memorizing Qur'an for about 3 years :/

I feel so bad about it; this full month will force me to memorize half of the Qur'an :)
I decided to miss the family trip to some new place and live with pressure in that school,

- 7 am to 2 pm Qur'an classes at school

- The rest of the day memorizing Qur’an in the Holy Mosque (al7aram)

- Sleeping early & getting up at dawn

- No friends, no TV, no laptop, no internet, no time for anything else!
I need this Islamic atmosphere (jaw emanee), looking at the ka'aba everyday!
I need to stop wasting my time and have time alone thinking of all the bad things I have done, and to live in an organized system for a month at least, be responsible and behave my spoiled personality!
Unfortunately after hard thinking and deciding to go coz I really need it, my mom disagreed because am going to be alone!

I told her my bro is in Jeddah which is only 30 minutes away! he can come and see me if I need anything and we can meet every weekend!

she said no. I don’t like arguing with her, so that was the end of discussion.

Many things happened at work lately!

- Almost transferred to HR dept! then back to IT

- Misundrstaing solved with my Boss

- 2 tears in front of Boss and the CEO :/ I hate my tears they always embarrass me

- Bonus for no reason (for the tears? :p)

- New office

- Using the other door of the company which is closer 2 my new place! heh

- Project Manager ;)

- The team includes a Malaysian and 4 Chinese (Lucky me :D)!

The surprise now is ...
- no vacation!

For the first time am going to spend the summer in Kuwait, alone!
Will miss all the fun and seeing a new country :(
Even if I left for a week, am going to miss a lot of things in this project plus my boss and the team are depending on me, it jus cant happen.
I cant imagine it, but am staying!

He almost canceled the trip (galohom khla9 ekhtarbat esafra) haha,
I showed my sisters this sms to make them feel jealous (shereera) hehhe
My sis said '3eshtawww'
"Daddy's Girl" what can I say :p
Something happened, that I have never expected!
And I don’t want to talk about it :/

Watched Harry Potter, the girl sitting beside me was so annoying, she comments on everything in a loud voice!
My cousins whom are kids were watching without a word and this girl keeps saying things like (yomma, abeh, waaay, hatha elee fee part 1, hatha elee part 2, etc.) garga mo 6abee3eya kan wedee akfakh-ha!
A7la shay when she answered her phone in the middle of the movie and screamed
(7e99o shako dagga al7een ana bel filim! yalla bye BYE)!!!
Ana baggagt e3yonee! no comment !!!
How come my cell phone has no signal inside the cinema :p
I should leave work 13 minutes ago!
should get going, byebye :)


Anwar Al-Ballam said...

حالج من حالي اثنينا بروحنا بالكويت وبالتوفيق لج ولفريقج.
اما بالنسبه للبنت الي بالفلم جان على الاقل زفيتيها :)

LiTTLE BiG said...

abee 3azemaa eb Wasabi 3ala monasabt el bonus ;p

ray said...


my mom is in mekka, at the "same" school

u won't be alone ;)

loyalty said...


رفيجاتي بمكة و أتوقع بنفس المدرسة اللي تكلمين عنها ;)

مو قادرة أستوعب إنه عقب كل هالشرح عن مكه ، ماراح تروحين!!

أكيد خيره لج :)

الله يوفقج بشغلج .. قدها وقدود ;)
و إن شاء الله بعد ما تخلصين البروجكت تسافرين .

yimkin ma y9er :P!


ماأرضى على البنت ، لأن أنا بالبيت اسوي نفس حركاتها ..
بس السينما مااحب اروح .. فمادري لو رحت بسوي مثلها والا لا !

أقدّر فيج حبج لعملج :)


Yara said...

Awal mara asma3 about the school in Mecca.. a7es wanasa :)

O ana totally daddys girl too! :)

o ma teswa safra coz ramadhan is really early

Ra-1 said...

Anwar Al-Ballam ...
كان ودي أزفها بس ماعرف :p

LiTTLE BiG ...
حاضرين :)
this weekend?

Ra-1 said...

ray ...
Well thats too late! no vacation :(
Thanks anyway :)

loyalty ...
الظاهر وايد كويتييات رايحين ماشالله
رفيجاتج راحوا بروحهم؟

point (3) 3adalt-ha al7een awtha7?
قصدي عن شي صار

تعليقج على آخر جملة
هل عشان دوامي طويل؟
ولا عشان كتبت الموضوع وانا بالدوام؟

Ra-1 said...

Yara ...
Well I asked some girls who joined last year, they said its lots of pressure and needs patience, but wanasa at the end.
Reaching a goal always feels good :)

loyalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
loyalty said...

رفيجاتي رايحين قروب في منهم معاهم أمهم و في منهم بروحهم.

و المحفظات اييونهم لي الفندق :P

لأن المدرسة قديمه و مافيها تكييف لول حدهم يتدلعون :P
واذا في أي استفسار ثاني حاضرين


اوضحت الصورة =)
وايد أشياء ما نتوقعها و تصير بحياتنا
و اشياء نتوقعها و ماتصير
توقعاتنا سواء كانت حسنة أم سيئة
توقف عند الواقع و ماتقدر تسوي شي!

فـ حصل خير إن شاءالله :)

أما تعليقي على آخر جملة
فلإنج إنتي قلتي انه المفروض تكونين طالعه من الدوام من 13 دقيقة
فقلت إني أقدر لج حبج لعملج:>
لأن وقت دوامج انتهى و مازلتي متواجده بمكان شغلج و ماطلعتي :)

و بس:)

eshda3wa said...

i dont have a problem telling people to zip it in the movies

qelat adab 9ara7a!

Breeze said...

allah ewafgich hun whenever u go and wherever u be :) ..


according to the qura'an school .. i was thinking seriously about it .. but unfortunatley i had job already o0 ma 3endy ejaza !! :S ..

So it's HARD .. :S .. but i will have it .. ! ..

lo ari chan aqna3t omich .. cuz el9ara7a opportunity ma tet6awaf .. i heared about it and i was so inspired to enjoy the team .. :/ bas ma allah katib ..

don't worry anyways .. etha allah katib lich ro7a betro7eeen one day ;) ..

and ur mom etkhf 3alaich ;) .. allah ekhaleha lich enshallah :D ..

Say Hi to her ;)

LiTTLE BiG said...

heyaaa :D
ok bs 5al asta2then mn el 7ekoma ;p

Anonymous said...

how to join this school?

kila ma6goog said...

خوش بوست

حلوة فكرة مكة

Amjad said...

I'm really sorry to know that you couldn't do what you willingly wanted to do this summer; going to Mecca and memorize some parts of the Qur'an.

I hope you have a good summer anyways..

Mishari said...

فكرة مكة تمام واحسن شى

الشى الثاني البونص جم لنا منه؟

Ra-1 said...

loyalty ...

eshda3wa ...
akeed qelat adab coz lazem ye7tarmoon el mawjodeen :/

Ra-1 said...

Breeze ...
Maybe next year inshaAllah we can go :)

LiTTLE BiG ...
well your 7okooma never mind u going out with me ;p

Ra-1 said...

Anonymous ...
If u give me an email address, I can tell u how 2 reach the girls who organized this :)

kila ma6goog ...

Ra-1 said...

Amjad ...
I hope so, thanks :)

Mishari ...
ليش أهوه بقى منه شي؟

Chroma-Trauma said...

Ensha-allah you will go to Mecca next year or very soon.. It's a shame but you mother is worried about you and so ensha'allah next time you will be ableto go.

Good luck with the job, you don't know, maybe satying in Kuwait during the holidays would open lots of opportunities for you.

- I 'm not a Harry potter fan, but tha's annoying.. If I were you I dould give the look, an if she didn't get it.. cough!! t always work as I'm shy of confronting people that I don't know.

Ra-1 said...

Chroma-Trauma ...
Thanks :)

Financy said...

khaleech bil work ..

keep my desk clean .. o ratbay my pens o kel shay ..

ana basafer o bakhaleech ma3a el GerGer people

Flamingoliya said...

i thought those quran schools are just for boys! wala zain.. yabeella

Pink*Fate said...

Were U next to me in the movie theater?!!!
Thanks God!!! when u said “(7e99o shako dagga al7een ana bel filim! yalla bye BYE)!!!” i was sure it wasn’t mee :)
i was commenting ALOT, blabbering but WHISPERING to my friend, who could barley hear me coz am polite ma a7b az3j a7ad, about what mogels and mud blood means.

AM a huge big Harry potter fan. o NewQ8iBride plz go to the movie already, i know u want to
RA-1, how did u find it?
Ps: if you are too shy to talk to ask her to keep quite, you can always talk to the usher :) i did it b4 :) it works specially if the guy labs getrah o 3gal yekalemhom faj2a iseron SUPER QUITE. they might hate u “they will” but it is ur right to watch the movie in peace