Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lamerletto & The Zoo!

Kuwait ZOO!
( لتكبير أي صورة ... ضغطوا عليها )
لما قلت حق ولد خالتي
شوف اللوحة جدامك
ممنوع تأكل الحيوانات
قال لي
شوفي الصورة ممنوع تفاحة مو موزة !
LOL :p
When I told my cousin
"look at the sign
it says feeding animals is not allowed"
he replied
"Look at the picture
it is an apple not a banana"!
Sad elephant :(
الفيل يطالعني يكسر الخاطر :/

You know I am an online shopping addict ...
I have ordered from
it is a Kuwaiti online shop selling international brands items
The only way to pay is cash on delivery
And they deliver for free
My order was delayed for some days
So I got a gift with it :)
They called me and they were very polite
I totally recommend this website!


Check this out!

Ways to Tell you're an Online Shopping Addict!




Unknown said...

lol 3ala el tufa7a wel moza!

That elephant has lovely eyes!

Ra-1 said...

N. ...
That was fast :)

Anonymous said...


بس عنده منطق ترى

المرة الياية خل يجيب وياه رقي
ولا قرع

أو حتى زقاير حق الشاذي

أهم شي الصورة

المرة الياية حطي صورته
و عليها اكس بالأحمر
عشان يستوعب

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...


loco said...

heheh 3ad a7san ZOO bel denya kuwait ZOO :P madry lish ! 5alel ero7oon eshoofoon bara !
ama weeeld 5altech neeekta :P

AseeL said...

فقيّر الفيل... ما عنده ناب.. مسكين!!!

Nooni said...

ze3alt when i saw the site... i used to use lace as ribbons on my gifts :(

Ra-1 said...

طائر بلا وطن ...
وشلون يدخل الرقية من الفتحة؟
Heh :p

kila ma6goog ...
ماشالله مواضيعك وايد طويلة
وتعليقاتك وايد قصيرة

loco ...
Kuwait ZOO is the best! mako methelha :p

Ra-1 said...

AseeL ...
إي قاصينه :/

Judy ...

عثماني said...

كلامه منطقي بصراحة

Ω Suki Candy Ω said...


what a devilish Thoughts that he have and good thinking they put only an apple.

i dont blame the elepahnt for the sad look because the weather and the food kind " allah ykon fe3onha fe rasa mishael o hemom kthera :p~~
elthaier ma5eth Family Loan if u try to picture him today u wont see the look coz fe Ziyadah in Salarys and u can finde him Dancing 3al We7da o N9:P~~~~~

secondly "3aleech bel 3afiyah o testahlein kel el 5air" you own it

wafa'a said...

where's the tiger ? :\

Ra-1 said...

عثماني ...
إي صح :)

Suki ...

loyalty ...
I did not see any tiger!

Anwar Al-Ballam said...

how do you know all those web sites ?