Sunday, November 04, 2007

Movies, Freezing, donuts!

I was supposed to go to the Red Bull Flugtag

I had permission for the photographers area,
but instead I went out with my sisters for lunch and a movie

I had to break my long time no movies :)
They wanted to watch Hair Spray

I don’t like these kind of movies, musical, malaqa :p

I chose License to wed, and they agreed

I liked the movie, my type of movies :)
plus Robin Williams and Mandy Moore are in
my favorite actresses list

I have just ordered 12 donuts from Dunkin Donuts! Yummy
Too bad I don’t have my camera
P.S. just one piece is for me, the rest am giving

for my co-workers (mo balla3a :p)
Am having a headache right now, the company



Anonymous said...

'License to wed' was kind of okay, the toy babies scene was funny!

Ra-1 said...

Joel ...
The babies look scary :p

Purgatory said...

Hairspray is better than your movie :P

Anonymous said...

Only a maleeqa would say about Hairspray maallaqa :p

حمدي ربج ما قمت رقصت :P

Anonymous said...

i bet u didnt go to Hairspray coz " Music is 7aram "


Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

shlon el felm?

mfkr aroo7la?

Blogger said...

min9ijich tawa yanzil "License to wed" in q8!!!!

I saw it b4 ramadan in Dubai, I liked it so much

I didn't even think about hairspray coz John Travolta was acting as a girl "Tracy" !!!

I hate GAY staff!

Ra-1 said...

TF ...
Why did u choose a maleeqa to be your best friend?

kila ma6goog ...
7ilo it is romance,comedy
take your wife :)

Um 3bdlwahab ...
Heh :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

halaaaaaw miss u :)

wooow i really want to go to license to wed :( 7asafa i wish u told me chan re7t ma3akom(malgoofa) hehe cuz u know it is a chick movie go with my husband :)

o bl 3afeyaaaa dear u have to eat ;)

MASS said...

tsk tsk ,, taking your younger sister and corrupting her with American Movies,,,

last time i took my youngest bro to dinner, it was weird he just sat there and looked at the ceiling

Nooni said...

eeew mandy moore!!!

i add my voice to TF :P

Ra-1 said...

New Bride ...
Yeah dont go with him :p
I dont want 2 eat I wanna loose weight :(

MASS ...
She has to learn how to be romantic :p j/k
LOL ur bro doesnt like talking 2 u?

Murgab ...
Sorry I had 2 delete your comment. mamnoo3 a7ad eseb a7ad thanee in my blog!

Judy ...

اجار الدين كشمش said...

no time 4 film >>

ما احب احد يقعد وراي

كل اتلفت جنه قاضب رقبتي


اجار الدين كشمش said...

انا ما لحقت عل بوست منشات

ليش تنطرينها مساهمه فيها ؟
او شغلج فيها

زينه او عاديه

بعتي فوق ال730فلس او للحين
ما بعتي ؟ اليوم 650فلس
والصبح 620فلس؟

وتكلفتها ب 600 فلس

انتطر اخبارها المستقبليه

اذا عندج
يالله يرزق الجميع

Ω Suki Candy Ω said...

hey hey hey

how are you dear hope you're fine inshallah.

about el movie walla i promise my self that i wont go to kuwait cinema coz they cut sence that it's not worth it and you can't understand the movie what's the story they summries el movie.

also about the Dounats why didn't yo invite me:( am mad at ya:P~~~

just kidding 3aleekom bel 3afiya dear>

Hitman1 said...

No comment on the movie... but just wanted to drop by and say... Hi :)

Ra-1 said...

اجار الدين كشمش ...
لا ما أشتغل فيها
آنا غلطانة ما بعتهم أول يوم :/

Suki ...
Hey long time :) am fine el7emdella, entay eshlonich?