Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I miss my best friend :(

A best friend always has time for you.
A best friend doesn't judge you for speaking your mind.


My dear best friend,

Your dad told me that you travelled and came back!
We never travel without goodbye even
when he had a fight we always send a goodbye msg!!!

Remember you are Bridget & I am Lena?
Remember when we danced at the end of the movie
And the maid came in and stared at us? Yeah we are crazy


I know your couch misses me! it misses me sitting

there and eating "Kani Furai"!

Don’t you miss going to a party together and
making fun of girls wearing terrible dresses and too much makeup!
(Sometimes we are mean sometimes we are not so mean :p)

I lost a best friend before I don’t want it to happen again :/

Shereera don’t you miss my smile?!!



Anonymous said...

No I dont miss you!! no i dont miss your smile!! no i dont miss you face no i dont miss anything in you....NO NO NO...just go go go...*joking* :PpP

I hope your friend reads your msg and comes back to you..cheer up!!

Ra-1 said...

..::Amu::.. ...
I hope that too!
Thank you :)

Downright Misfit said...

good one :)

Ra-1 said...

Downright Misfit ...
Abeh etkhar3een! you 2 wrote about "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" !!!

welcome to my blog :)

Downright Misfit said...

hehe thank you ;$ ;*

gotta love the move :)

Downright Misfit said...

movie* :p

Ra-1 said...

7adda 3ajeeb :)

mantovani said...

i hope you never lose a frind

thank you nice post

Purgatory said...

Ok, which one of you started it?

Big Pearls said...

I hope it is not too late for u two to get back together..I lost my best friend very long ago and I still regret it.

LiTTLE BiG said...

tewaq3taa long post :p
3saa alla La yefargkom wla ya7rmkom mn ba3'9 ;**
a7s she miss ur smile :p

eshda3wa said...

call her

Nooni said...

go to her house before she wakes up and shock her, talk about it o khal9aw.. life is too short you silly thing

NewQ8 Bride said...

don1t give up , it happened to me o 7adee 7aneet 3aleeha
i can`t loose frinds any more

6ab3aan kil hatha ethaa testaahaal

Ra-1 said...

mantovani ...
Thank you :)

Purg ...
Why the evil question :p
Who do you think?

Big Pearls ...

Ra-1 said...

LiTTLE BiG ...
I hope so :/

eshda3wa ...
She ignored the email and the sms!

Judy ...

New Bride ...
Akeed testahal!