Monday, April 14, 2008

I will never travel by car!


I went to Bahrain for 2 days

I didn’t like this trip at all

My dad told me he is going for some work so

why not I go with him and register in the university

So I went!
e6ereej e9eb7 was okay

We stayed at Crown Plaza it’s a very nice hotel

I didn’t go shopping at all we had no time :(
The first day we went around seeing the country

and of course kharrabt el diet!

Second day I visited 3 universities

And after that I went out with my Bahraini friend :)

One of the universities was full of Kuwaitis!

I thought I was in Kuwait walla

The best part is when I was walking in the corridor

waiting for dad to come pick me up and saw my

who lives in Jeddah !!!

I have not seen him since February (in Germany)

I knew he was in Bahrain the day before but
he told me he is leaving!

Abeh I saw him in front of me it was like a dream LOL

We kissed and I hugged him then realized that everyone

was staring at us! We are in a college fashlaaaaa

If we 2 registered at the same university it will be great! WANASA

I have to decide today on which university I want :)

New Bride I saw your grandma and took nice photos together
Coming back to Kuwait was the worst part!

It was so dark and scary

When we reached the road which takes us from KSA to Kuwait

We missed the turn!

And guess what? There is no U turn

We can’t go back

We drove for around 45 min towards Bahrain!!!

Until we found a bridge and went back to the right direction :/

I never feel upset when something wrong happens
Coz I am always sure it’s for the best (kheera)

I said maybe something happened that Allah swt wants us to be late!

Dad said inshaAlla khair


So on the way which is totally dark you can’t see anything

Even inside the car and the road is one lane for one car!

Very dangerous! ekhawef

Suddenly we saw cars stopping and people running

It was an accident! A big one

A long truck hit a small car
The truck is like this one

Most of the car disappeared it turned into a metal ball
Dad said the plate number looks like Kuwaiti
We went closer it was a Bahraini car

wa7ed ba7renee raye7 lekwet :(
Or maybe more than one person but u can hardly see!
There was no way for an ambulance or police cars

to reach in less than 2 hours! it is a desert
people were trying to look if someone is alive

everyone was searching and breaking the metals

and it was dark and scary

something u never want to see

just like in movies

I cried and then thought what if we didn’t miss that turn
and were in this car's place
abeh its a very strange feeling

We reached home at 2 am
Mom said she will never allow me to travel by car
I will never do it a9lan :(
Oh god when I remember the scene I cry
Please no one takes that road!!!



Shayouma said...

Traveling by car is a BIg mistake in the Arab World!

بو صالح said...

رحلة الحياة لا تكون سهلة قد تكون مثل هذا الطريق .. مرة ممتازة و مرة مظلمة و وعرة

الهدف و المهم هو العبرة

و الله يوفقك :)

Big Pearls said...

I hate road trips..7amdillah 3ala salamatkom..allah il 7afeth.

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

shopping in bahrain?


Inssan said...

السفر عن طريق البر ممتع بس مو بالدول العربيه لأن ماكو احترام للقوانين و الحمد لله على سلامتكم

Blogger said...

el7imdilla 3ala essalama
I love to travel by car!
I dont remember that I went 2 Bahrain or al '7obar by a plain!
It's not that bad

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! :O

Anonymous said...

5a6akum ilsoo, and 7amdilla 3la salametkum, I am glad you arrived home safe and sound. God has his own plan and everything happens for a reason.

Kila Ma6goog: try il-Kholood in stead of Shuway6ir, the 7elwa is a killer OMG so good.

Anonymous said...

been there and seen all that :) I warned you before!

7emdella 3al sallama...

eshda3wa said...

7mdela 3ala salamatkum

3ad ana i love road trips :S

NewQ8 Bride said...

el7amdelah 3laa slamtich

i hate traveling by car :( alaah 7afathkom

t9adgeen i was thinking to go and register at university

my grandma heheh tyanin walahna 3aleeha

باغي الشهادة said...

I also was being in Crown Plaza Ba7rain in the same day.. :-)

Ra-1 said...

:::ShoSho::: ...
We drove in the US, Canda and all around Europe it is totally the opposite!

بو صالح ...
شكرا :)

Big Pearls ...
Allah esalmech :)

Ra-1 said...

kila ma6goog ...
I think e3yal eshwe6er kelohom efte7aw ma7alat 7alwa!
mashaAllah kel mokan agra eshwe6er :p

Ensan basee6 ...
الله يسلمك :)

BB ...

Ra-1 said...

3baid ...
Yeah :/

Ms. Baker ...
Allah esalmech :*

..::Amu::.. ...
Allah esalmek :)

Ra-1 said...

eshda3wa ...
mo bedowal el3arabeyya :/
na9ee7a dont try it :)

New Bride ...
Allah esalmech :*
Wanasa sajlay!
I love ur grandma so much :)

باغي الشهادة ...
LOL! sub7anAllah :)
maybe I saw you :p

Technogal said...

Firt of all "el7imdillah 3la salamtich"
Second..I find your blog in one of the blogger webstie.
I wonder how long it takes from Kuwait to Bahrain by car?
which University you visit there, Gulf University or Ahleyah?

Ra-1 said...

Technogal ...
Welcome 2 my blog :)

It takes 4 to 5 hours if you didnt stop at all, it took us more :p

I visited both :)

Technogal said...

Thanks ra-1 for the information :)
Sara7a 4 to 5 hours WAYED!! Once I planned to attend the weekly lectures in Alahleyah University for the Master degree... But imagine how costly it would be if I traveled every week to Bahrain!!

Shather said...

lol اشفيييكم نص الكويت رايحيين يدرسون بالبحرين

على كل حال موفقه خيتو :}
والحمدلله على السلامة

متفرغ said...

الحمد لله على السلامة .... و سلمي على بصراحة .... ترا فقدناه وينه عن بلوقه ؟ :)

Ra-1 said...

Technogal ...
One of my brothers does that :p

Shather ...
الظاهر habba
heh :)

متفرغ ...
قبل شوي كلمني
يسلم عليك :)

Missy said...

Which uni did you settle on? Tara mo kel jam3a zaina! you should have asked me =.= mo ts2leeni 3n gucci :p

Ra-1 said...

Missy ...
Hehhe :p
Gulf Univ. or Ahleya Univ.

Missy said...

Gulf Uni? AGU? medicine? or the other one? if medicine YAY if the other one.. CROSS IT OUT of ur list cuz mo zaina. :)

AAajed said...

ra-1: This is the first time I enter your blog I found it nice and interesting. I

The road between Kuwait and Bahrain is so dangerous, I live in Al-Khobar and I knew this road very well. "7amed allah 3ala salamatkuom'

Ra-1 said...

Missy ...

AAajed ...
Welcome to my blog :)
I was in Khobar last weekend, shopping at Al-Rashed is amazing :D