Sunday, March 15, 2009

الحياة مليئة بالمفاجآت

Wow! It was an amazing long weekend

I did lots of things, went to many places and had so much fun

Aiko was in Kuwait! she went back to Japan yesterday morning
If you never heard about her go to this (link)
This time she was not alone, she came with
a group of Japanese boys and girls; estanast ma3ahom :)

Some photos will come to you in the next post
إن شاء الله

I spent yesterday with 4 kids
My nephew, my niece, the sister of my sister-in-law

and my friend’s sister
3 girls and 1 boy

We went to "
Storytelling/Art session" at

Virgin Megastore in Marina Mall

I got an invitation for it on Facebook

The kids had so much fun and so did I :p

Then I took them to other places, will post about it

soon with the photos 6ab3an!

Everything gets destroyed when people
lose respect in their relationship

Don’t you agree???
I'd rather not have a friend than have one
who does not respect me!


Anonymous said...

Good that you had fun.

It is true that relationships are based on respect for each other, but that respect comes from the trust between two parties. and respect can not be demanded, but rather offered if and only if the two persons are on the same level of truth.

I am not a philosopher :D

Ra-1 said...

Karkoor ...

Trust has nothing to do with respect!
even if they cant trust each other anymore, they dont have the right to disrespect.

New Bride said...

3aleech bl3afya o good u had fun .

respect is the main piller of any relationship . ethaa ra7 khlaa9 hal3lagaa will end

Anonymous said...


That has some truth to it. but if you lose trust in someone, what do you respect them for ? (I am not saying you shouldn't)

people gain respect from what they do, not from who they are or where they came from.

if I respect someone their truthful, then I found they weren't, then they should not get upset if they called liars.

This is a theoretical argument.

after all, you should know why the person disrespected the other one, was it anger ? was it something the other did or say ?

for me I believe in forgiveness, and I forgive people to a degree you would not imagine. and sometimes I even give them an excuse for their actions :)

Because whatever they do, the consequences of their actions will only be on them not me.

and as your blog slang says "Life is a Journey" so why waste it on hatred.

Someday said...

they have storytelling in virgin?!?!
tell me all about it! *aby*

respect is a foundation fo a relationship, not to be missed with

Ra-1 said...

New Bride ...
Exactly, even in marriage respect must always be there :)

Ra-1 said...

KarKoor ...

There are many ways in dealing with dishonest people or liars, disrespect is not one of them!

Forgiveness is good, but it depends on the level of disrespect the other person showed.

Ra-1 said...

Someday ...

Yeah, I found out about it from Facebook!
I will send you an invitation next time they do a similar event :)

الحارث بن همّام said...

They Say:
its easy to find a thousand friend in one year

but is hard to find one friend for athousand year

do u agree?

Ra-1 said...

الحارث بن همّام ...

Yes I agree :)

ButI dont want to live for 1000 year! LOL