Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love you MAMA :*

I am with my friend 'CottonCandy' at Columbus Cafe in Bahrain
As you all know it is Mother's Day!
Have you seen anyone who doesn't like to receive flowers?
My mom sent me SMS thinking that since I am
not Kuwait I am going to send her flowers
She said "do not send me flowers this year, elward emoot"

LOOOOL! I have no comment on that
but el7emdella that I am not sending her flowers this year
I am sending her cute cupcakes ;)
I hope she received it by now!
And the gift will be given to her when I am back inshaAllah
This (link) is for the Mother's day post I wrote in 2008
This year Anwar surprised me with this (post)
9awarha gablee hehhe :)
Enjoy your day everyone :D


Anonymous said...

out mom's deserve our souls, as you know they don't want any gift, except as, they always says, you are my gift, so really, they deserve more than that :)

Ra-1 said...

Of course they deserve more than gifts :)

Mr_CHoCoLaTe said...

الله يخلي لج امج و يحفظها

و يحفظ كل أم تخاف على عيالها بهالدنيا ^_^

لأن للأسف في امهات هالايام ما يستحقون يتسّمون امهات

Anonymous said...

Allah y5aleeha 7agich.

Ra-1 said...

Mr_CHoCoLaTe ...

كلامك صحيح في أمهات مع الأسف مادري ليش اييبون عيال إذا ما يبون يتحملون مسؤوليتهم !

Ra-1 said...

KarKoor ...

الله يسلمك