Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Part 1

At last you can see my surprise to u!

I am going to show you the gifts I got on my birthday ;)
and since they are many gifts, I will put them in parts ...
This part (Part1) will include 2 gifts from 2 friends (bloggers)!

I will leave you with the pictures now ...

* From Little Big : http://www.blogger.com/profile/4328332

*From True Faith: http://true-faith.blogspot.com/


bo_ghazi said...

Those are nice gifts Ra-1, three things got my attention while looking at those pics:
1.Buffy will be happy with all that bafak Little Big got you.
2.There were no penguins amongst the other stuffed-animals in the last pic, which means True Faith did not take purg’s advice on what to buy!
3.True Faith just can’t stop her obsession with giving away mugs for birthdays :P

Enjoy ur gifts o 3alaich bil 3afya.... u & buffy :)

eb9ara7a said...

عليج بالعافيه و الديايه الحافيه :)) تكسرينهم و تشققينهم و تاكلينهم بالعافيه يا الغاليه
ماني صاير منّاااان .. بس ماكو أحلى من (بَفي) كهدية عيد ميلاد .. صح و لا انا غلطان ؟ :P
ماني معلق وايد .. بنطر البارت الثاني و بمدح هدية محددة من الحين حاطها ابالي :))

سؤال بريء : منهي ام كشة اللي حاطين صورتها على الهدية ؟

True Faith said...

bo ghazi,

you are right I can't ;p


She is Ra-1.... Joking ;p

Purgatory said...

TF, laish joking she is um kisha ;)

Purgatory said...

And another thing, my choices were better, shno kel hal stuff animals :P

Purgatory said...

hahahaha bo_ghazi

True Faith said...


Your choices were wonderful,

But Ra-1 has a child heart ;)

True Faith said...


Look who is talking about stuffed animals the stuffed penguins sickooo psycho :p

Ra-1 said...

hehe BoGhazi Allah e3afeek :)
9ej madry lesh Kitco! :D

Ra-1 said...

LOOOL eb9ara7a ;)
adry Buffy a7la hadeyya!
now everybody knew that Buffy was my last year's B-day gift from (eb9ara7a) :)
estanast al7een? ;p

Ra-1 said...

Purg :I have no kisha I have no kisha I have no kisha ;P

Purgatory said...

TF, zain zain yeseer khair, wait and see :P

LiTTLE BiG said...

KitcO :p

Permitah said...

عساه هدد ان شاء الله مو عدد و تقطعينهم بالعافيه تستاهلين الطيب يا الطيبه

Ra-1 said...

Prmitah thank u 7abebty ;)