Wednesday, January 26, 2005

*Wonderful Eid*

نعود لكم بعد انقطاع !
I know you missed me! or at least missed my posts :p
I hope everyone has enjoyed the Eid :)

بالنسبة لي فقد كان عيدا ممتعا ولله الحمد
بدأ كئيبا نوعا ما (أول دقائق فقط) ثم أصبح مسليا حتى نهايته

استيقظت للاستعداد لصلاة العيد وبينما أتوضأ أحسست باختلاف هذا العيد
أين جو العيد المعتاد؟ البيت هادىء ! لا أحد يركض أو يصرخ (وين غترتي؟) أو (منو بيي معاي آنا ماشي)؟ فإخواني الذين يكبرونني
غير موجودين بالبيت !
إثنان خارج البلاد والثالث تزوج !
هدوء قاتل فلأول عيد أنا الكبرى !
وجدت نفسي أبكي بلا مقدمات
I miss them :(

عموما ذهبت للمسجد وأول ما دخلت أقيمت الصلاة
الحمدلله ولأول عيد أصل قبل ابتداء الصلاة :p
على الأقل أوفيت بوعد قطعته على نفسي هذا العام

The Eid days went fine and peaceful! besides the family gatherings I watched
National Treasure at the cinema, it was amazing and I dont mind watching it again!

I also went to (Wasabi) Japanese resturant (nice small cottage) n_n
and Biella pizza resturant ...
and I did NOT go to Abdely, unlike many has expected! I even got SMS's saying (R U in ABDELY?) LOL

Last day of Eid I bought new games for the playstation and I spent long time playing :)

إي ونسيت أقولكم ضحينا هالسنة >>> بالصين


bo_ghazi said...

Wallah I had a feeling you were one of those playstation addicts :P
O yes I am surprised you didn’t go to 3abdily, coz the weather was great o I bet the rain was a joy there :)

Ra-1 said...

not an addict 3ad!
why did u have a feeling that I play???!

I wanted to go to Abdely but my cousins were going to kill me :(
they wanted me to go out with them :\

bo_ghazi said...

Ra-1, because you have 3 older brothers o you seem to close to them, so I assumed you join them when they play their own games (i.e. playstation or 7atta soccer dakhel albait). In the ld days I used to tempt my younger sister to play with me soccer by giving her 100 fils kilma ig6a3at minny alkora ;p

Shaymz said...

Hey ra1.. i really missed ur blogs the past few days. welcome back oo 3eidich imbarak 7abeebti! :) National Treasure 3ajeeb, sa7? i watched it twice bil cinema.. i loved it although i don't really like nicholas cage. and bo_ghazi.. you think having brothers makes a gurl a playsation addict? :P i got 3 brothers oo bayni oo baynhom only 2-3 years.. but i haaate playstation!

bo_ghazi said...

Shaymz, i'm a guy & I hate playstation (Maybe because I suck in it :P) but i'm not talking only about playstation.. but also other games like soccer or any other games which are considered to be a "boys-only" games.

eb9ara7a said...

مبروك الإنجاز الييديد (بلي ستيشن) و عقبال المُقصي .. طبعا حدج ما عرفتي شنهي المُقصي ! هذي لعبة قديمة تشبه الكريكيت و البيسبول :PpP
و ترى انا هالسنه ضحيت بتركيا .. كبش عنده قرون بس عيونه برتقاليه !! مادري ليش
عموماً .. كل عيد و كلكم بخير انشالله .. و عسى نتيمع بعيدنا الياي (الفطر) اللي تو الناس عليه :)

LiTTLE BiG said...

Bo Ghaze , walla Wanasa Kilma eg6a3t e'7tek el.kora 3a6et.ha 100 fils o etha gawelat 3alek Cham ta36eha ? ;p

Ra-1 said...

اشدعوه سويتوني صبيك
Shayms tell them do I look or act like boys? ;)

National treasure is more than 3ajeeb :D

BoGhazi yalba'7eel 100 fils! hehe

bo_ghazi said...

LittleBig, 3omorha ma gawolat... i'm very good at soccer ;D

Ra-1, hal 7achi min zimaaan, ayaamha al 100 fils itsawi shighol :P

Shaymz said...

ATTENTION PPL: Ra-1 does NOT look or act like a guy! :P plz, manabi misunderstandings here! She's a perfect example of a woman.

bo_ghazi.. is soccer a "boys-only" game? Stereotypically.. maybe. But I like soccer. I know a lot of gurls that do. I don't play it much. I use to in school. It was soo much fun, when gurls and guys played separately that it! :P My brothers never gave me money for playing with them though! I didn't play a lot with them anyways cuz they played with each other and I was rarely involved. but still, that is a good idea. Do you have brothers btw?

What sport is stereotypically considered a "gurls-only" game?

ray said...

ra-1 and playstation ? knitting and cooking would sound like u, but playstation ?

wow ra-1 .. you surprise me every day!

Ra-1 said...

Shaymz hehe :p

Ray knitting and cooking!!! I dont do any of these :)
Why do I make u surprised!?
maybe because we rarely see each other so there is alot that u dont know! maybe ;)

Shaymz said...

ray.. knitting? come on, who does that nowadays? :P well actually i did that last year cuz i just felt like it, but got bored very quickly. i don't know of anyone who knits as a hobby..

Anonymous said...

Ra-1 , كتبي موضوع عن كرة القدم

BlUe & ORange ;p

Ra-1 said...

!!! Anonymous ... u are LittleBig isnt it?

LiTTLE BiG said...

e ;p