Sunday, January 09, 2005

Part 3

* From my little friend (she is 9 years old) n_n

*From my dear friend (H)

*From Dad and Mon (baba & mama) Allah e7afeth-hom :)

* Frome ME ! (my gift to myself), it is even rapped :P


bo rashed said...

i never had BDay party nor gifts, seriously:(
i wont mind having 1 now.

True Faith said...


I will get my self a gift in my birthday.

bo rashid,

When is yours?

bo rashed said...

march 25th

bo_ghazi said...

I think the coolest gift was the one from your parents.

Ra-1 said...

BoRashed ... start from this year and tell your wife that each one must buy b-day gift for the other and invite the other for some where (resturant,movie,...etc)

TF ... dont forget to tell the shop (gift rap plz)

BoGhazi ... akeed :p
ana kent gayla abee laptop,but NOT black,navy blue nor gray! (6arara o tetshara6) :p
so they bought me a silver one :D

BloBoz said...

Happy birhday adrey too late bas a7sen men wallah shay :) ,,,

btw , You have inspired to write a related subject :) thanxz ...

Ra-1 said...

Bloboz ... e a7san men wala shay :P
thank you ...

waiting for your post :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice gifts ..... MashALLAH :)

rabena yazeed w yebark ;p

Ra-1 said...

Thank you ...
why are u anonymous?

Shaymz said...

Wanasa.. cool gifts gurl! ;) 3alaych bil 3afya sis. And no ana moo bl q8 now, and i will give u a call when i do come back. I don't think its anytime soon though. And how i knew this was ur blog? Well, the same way u knew this was me! ;P

Anonymous said...

Ma aDRe !

lish et3arfeny ?

Ra-1 said...

Shaymz :P
take care girl ;)

Anonymous ... how can I know u while u are anonymous!

Anonymous said...

eshdaranee =")